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Marketplace News: Online Shopping Experience

Bryght.com offers affordable solutions

CJ Dellatore Bryght.com…………………………

With today’s fast paced internet driven lifestyle, so many of us take advantage of a variety of solutions for shopping online.  We purchase books, eyewear, clothing, music, technology, even food via the internet.  The opportunity to procure quality furniture is fast making a significant impression on consumers.

Even though most would think it necessary to see and touch furniture prior to making the commitment, the e-trade company Bryght.com is looking to change the buyer’s perception through a new and enticing commerce experience….

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Design Business Blogging: Part II

5 Keys To Compelling Content



By now most everyone has heard the adage ‘Content is King’.

And if you believe the folks at the Content Marketing Institute,  content marketing via blogs is slowly but surely replacing traditional marketing, and has radically changed the world of advertising since the dawn of the internet, and the subsequent phenomenon of social media.

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, the first step in blogging is to establish your blogging goals and identifying your audience.   The second step is to craft a compelling content strategy for reaching your goals.  I’m sharing some of what I’ve learned about that today.

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Design Business Blogging: Part 1

Establishing Your Goals and Identifying Your Customer

CJ Dellatore Business Blogging…………………………

Last Friday we published our 250th post in just over 18 months.  It was a lot of work researching and writing them, but in doing so we’ve accomplished quite a few of our goals.

Among them was my personal goal to work with interior designers and vendors in establishing blogs, and crafting effective content marketing strategies.  Having accomplished that I decided to write a series of posts on what I’ve learned about blogging, as I am firmly convinced that content marketing is something that every design professional and product vendor should consider to advance their business.

I’ve concluded there are 3 distinct steps to consider for creating an effective blog: establishing goals and identifying customers, crafting compelling content, and promotion.  In this post I’ll share how I help clients set goals for their blogs, and the simple method I employ to help them understand their customers.


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The Road To Success: Amanda Nisbet

on saturated color, creating product lines, and the future

CJ Dellatore Amanda Nisbet


Aside from her incredibly charming personality and her infectious smile, Madison Avenue based interior designer Amanda Nisbet has an inherent gift for working with color that many in our industry envy. 

She’s been published in nearly every shelter magazine (check out her press page and see for yourself), is a 2011 alumni of the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in New York, and her first book aptly titled Dazzling Design was published and released earlier this year; quite a set of accomplishments for someone in our industry a comparatively short amount of time.

I’ve been a fan of Amanda’s since we were introduced years ago by Carolyn Sollis – her exuberant rooms explode with both wit and sophistication – and at a time when many have adopted a safer style and more subdued palettes.  There’s an inherent optimism in the rooms she creates that I think everyone really responds to.

I asked her to meet with me for this the second in our TRTS interview series, to learn about how she became an interior designer, her love of saturated color, and her plans for the future.  Here’s an excerpt of our chat.


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The Road To Success: Robert Passal

a rising star of interior design shares insight into his achievements

CJ Dellatore Robert Passal headshot


There aren’t many interior designers that are having a better year than Robert Passal.  His soigné New York apartment landed on the cover of Ronda Rice Carman‘s new book Designers At Home, and the masculinely urbane home he created for Guido Palau was featured in last months Architectural Digest – marking his first appearance in the magazine.

Thinking about his achievements I remembered someone once telling me it takes 10 years to become an overnight sensation (an assessment I think is spot on.)  The truth is when someone like Robert gains industry acclaim it often skews the amount of work and determination it took to get there.

It’s with that idea that I conceived of a post series titled ‘The Road To Success’, in which I’ll interview designers about how they grew their businesses, and the key concepts that have gotten them to where they are today.

Robert graciously agreed to be interviewed first.


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In Case You Missed It: July 2013

Noteworthy articles on Business, Social Media, and Tech



As July comes to a close (hard to believe the summer is more than half over), it’s time for my monthly round-up of articles on business, social media, and technology.  These are the stories from my content sources that are helping me re-tool outdated ideas, and in turn shape the future.

The first installment of this column for the month of June was very well received.  Once again a word of thanks – I appreciate all the positive feedback.  I’m hopeful there will be some information in this month’s articles to help you shape the future of your design-centric business.

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5 Professionals Under 25

Survey The Current Landscape Of Social Media

CJ Dellatore Social Media Icons


I’m no spring chicken.  There, I’ve said it.

And if you’re anything like me – someone slightly older who’s attempting to bridge the digital divide between your ‘public library’ childhood and the rapidly morphing information age, you understand the challenges of adapting.

Those ideas were certainly underscored last week when I read an article about how young people (18 through 29 in this particular study) use their smartphones differently than people in previous generations.  The findings were varied, and sometimes shocking – for instance nearly 40% think it’s perfectly acceptable to check Facebook while dining with a friend.

I found myself wondering, if there are generational differences in how we use smartphones, what about social media?  With the help of friend Dustin O’Neal of Strohl & Co Public Relations – who graciously connected me to a group of 5 people under 25 who are active on SM platforms – I got some thought-provoking insight.

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Design: C2 Paint

The New Benchmark in Quality Hand-Crafted Color

CJ Dellatore C2 PaintLast month while attending the press preview of Holiday House Hamptons, Carl Lana and I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Scully, the Director of Business Development for C2 Paint.

The company is one of the sponsors of the event benefitting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and they generously provided all the paint in the house to the 22 designers who created rooms for the event.

Neither Carl nor I had heard of the company, and as there’s nothing better than a new resource, we decided to learn more about it.

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