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Lemons, Reinvention & Rizzoli

and my morning gratitude list

ripe lemons on tree‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’

Sounds easy right?  I can say from experience that it’s not.

Like many people in the design industry, the 2008 economic meltdown helped teach me exactly what that phrase means; and for a while things were very difficult.  I know many of you can relate.

I set about reinventing myself by establishing this blog – to learn the in’s-and-out’s of building a platform, crafting an effective content strategy, and navigating the omnipresently shifting sands of social media.

It’s been hard work.  It’s taken discipline and sacrifice.

But it paid off earlier this year when Rizzoli purchased a proposal I’d written for a very ambitious book about American interior design, born from one my ongoing post here titled Master Class‘ (more on that later!)

This morning I want to share my gratitude for the friends who have supported my blogging efforts in the last 2 1/2 years – Abby Kaufman, Carl Lana, Anthony Costa, John Lyle, Melissa Mittag, Patrick Hamilton, John Eason, Andy Goldsborough, Ashley Bell, Rio Hamilton, Keita Turner, Andrew Joseph, George Hahn, Wendy Silverstein, Barry Goralnick, Wendy Snyder, Christina Juarez, and Dustin O’Neal among many others.

And I’d also like to thank Alexa Hampton, William Clark and Glenn Gissler for believing in me, and being my guardian angels.  I am truly blessed to know you.

And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to work on a book!

I’m Turning 2!

and entering my 3rd year blogging with a digital facelift


It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and the day this blog celebrates its 2nd Anniversary!

To mark the occasion I asked my good friend, men’s fashion blogger, and website developer George Hahn to redesign my blog to be cleaner, easier to read, and more engaging as I enter my 3rd year blogging.

I got George to sit down with me to discuss why updating my web presence was so important: I’m sharing our conversation so that you might better understand why it’s crucial to update a website in our rapidly changing, technology driven world.

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Design Business Blogging: Part II

5 Keys To Compelling Content



By now most everyone has heard the adage ‘Content is King’.

And if you believe the folks at the Content Marketing Institute,  content marketing via blogs is slowly but surely replacing traditional marketing, and has radically changed the world of advertising since the dawn of the internet, and the subsequent phenomenon of social media.

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, the first step in blogging is to establish your blogging goals and identifying your audience.   The second step is to craft a compelling content strategy for reaching your goals.  I’m sharing some of what I’ve learned about that today.

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Design Business Blogging: Part 1

Establishing Your Goals and Identifying Your Customer

CJ Dellatore Business Blogging…………………………

Last Friday we published our 250th post in just over 18 months.  It was a lot of work researching and writing them, but in doing so we’ve accomplished quite a few of our goals.

Among them was my personal goal to work with interior designers and vendors in establishing blogs, and crafting effective content marketing strategies.  Having accomplished that I decided to write a series of posts on what I’ve learned about blogging, as I am firmly convinced that content marketing is something that every design professional and product vendor should consider to advance their business.

I’ve concluded there are 3 distinct steps to consider for creating an effective blog: establishing goals and identifying customers, crafting compelling content, and promotion.  In this post I’ll share how I help clients set goals for their blogs, and the simple method I employ to help them understand their customers.


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Business & Design: We’re Celebrating!

It's our 1st Anniversary

1st Birthday Cupcake…………………………

Today, March 8th, marks our 1 year anniversary here on the blog.  Over the past year we’ve brought you stories about interior design resources, business posts (we hope) have helped guide your success, technology information as it relates to design, and fashion dispatches – because we believe that fashion informs interior design, and vice versa.

Earlier this week the Design Bloggers Conference took place in Los Angelos.   It was an amazing honor to be nominated as one of the 5 best new design blogs of the year.  In the months since the nominations were announced, folks have asked me why I started a blog.  I have the answer.

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Business Blogs

because interior design is more than just pretty rooms


I’m going to make a confession.  My Google Reader RSS feed is chock full of links to all the interior design blogs, but they’re not the most important blogs I read.  I start my day with a cup of strong coffee, and the daily posts of 6 business blogs that I think every interior design professional needs to read to succeed.

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