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In Case You Missed It: July 2013

Noteworthy articles on Business, Social Media, and Tech



As July comes to a close (hard to believe the summer is more than half over), it’s time for my monthly round-up of articles on business, social media, and technology.  These are the stories from my content sources that are helping me re-tool outdated ideas, and in turn shape the future.

The first installment of this column for the month of June was very well received.  Once again a word of thanks – I appreciate all the positive feedback.  I’m hopeful there will be some information in this month’s articles to help you shape the future of your design-centric business.

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In Case You Missed It: June 2103

noteworthy articles on business, social media, and tech

$100 Bill Golden Timing


Time is money.  And if you’re like me there never seems to be enough of either.  With that idea in mind this week I decided to try out a new format for my weekly ‘Business & Design’ post.   I’m sharing the links to what I consider to be the best articles from the content sources I read on being an entrepreneur, on social media, and on technology.  I’m hoping to save you some time – and help you make some money.

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Business & Design: The Compensation Debate

Perspective on changing interior design fee structures

Hourly vs. Commission


In recent years there’s been a notable shift in the way interior design professionals are choosing to be compensated for their work: precipitated by ever-increasing internet access to once guarded trade resources, and the struggling economy.

Many design firms are adopting a fixed fee structure, or an hourly compensation rate for their services, as opposed to what has long been the industry standard of percentage mark-ups on merchandise and services.  I decided to ask one such firm, as well as the interior design industry’s leading legal council, to explain why the shift is advantageous to designers and their clients alike.

I also canvassed residents on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for their opinions.  I think you’ll find what I learned interesting.

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