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Marketplace News: Online Shopping Experience

Bryght.com offers affordable solutions

CJ Dellatore Bryght.com…………………………

With today’s fast paced internet driven lifestyle, so many of us take advantage of a variety of solutions for shopping online.  We purchase books, eyewear, clothing, music, technology, even food via the internet.  The opportunity to procure quality furniture is fast making a significant impression on consumers.

Even though most would think it necessary to see and touch furniture prior to making the commitment, the e-trade company Bryght.com is looking to change the buyer’s perception through a new and enticing commerce experience….

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King of Clubs

6 of America's best regional designers & their favorite club chairs


I think we’d all agree that design is purely subjective.  Everyone has an opinion, and every opinion is valid.  It’s also true that there are as many decorating styles as there are decorators.  With those ideas in mind I decided to chat with 6 of America’s best regional interior design professional to learn about their individual aesthetics, their favorite club chairs – and more specifically – how those chairs speak to the area of the country they call home.


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Tight-Seat or Loose-Cushion?

upholstery advise from Emily Nomer of Manzanares Furniture

Photo courtesy Jim Fairfax of Fairfax Studio


I was with several members of my ‘design posse‘ recently.   We got into a discussion about the merits of tight-seat and loose-cushion upholstery.  Seeing as I’ve owned an upholstery workroom, I have some definitive ideas on the subject, but I decided to get the opinion of some experts with more experience to see if I might learn something new.

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