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Marketplace News: John Boone Inc.

Returning To The D&D, Where It All Began

CJ Dellatore New John Boone


The much-anticipated return of John Boone Inc. to the D&D Building has finally arrived!

John Boone, with his partner Chris Lockwood and their staff, have reinstated their high style showroom in the building where it all began over 20 years ago.  The new space is as stunning and crisp as you might expect; I paid them a visit last week, and took some pictures of their furnishings which I’d like to share….

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Anthony Lawrence Belfair’s Holiday Party

and a sneak peek at their coming outdoor collection



Last Thursday Anthony Lawrence Belfair, New York’s finest upholstery and curtain workroom, held their annual Holiday Party – which CJ Dellatore and I happily attended.

This yearly event is much anticipated, and is considered by those in the know to be a party not to miss.  Throughout the evening, guests, including notable designers Juan Montoya, Charles Pavarini III, and Ronald Bricke arrived and shared in the festivities so graciously arranged by their hosts, Joseph Calagna, his family, and staff.  The showroom was warm and inviting, just as if we were being entertained in their home, and guests especially enjoyed the winter wonderland decor which ALB prides itself in creating.

And as one would expect, there was lots of comfortable seating!

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Marketplace News: Online Shopping Experience

Bryght.com offers affordable solutions

CJ Dellatore Bryght.com…………………………

With today’s fast paced internet driven lifestyle, so many of us take advantage of a variety of solutions for shopping online.  We purchase books, eyewear, clothing, music, technology, even food via the internet.  The opportunity to procure quality furniture is fast making a significant impression on consumers.

Even though most would think it necessary to see and touch furniture prior to making the commitment, the e-trade company Bryght.com is looking to change the buyer’s perception through a new and enticing commerce experience….

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Marketplace News: Brunschwig & Fils

A sneak peak at the redecorated New York Showroom

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 1


The much awaited completion of Brunschwig & FilsNew York showroom has finally arrived. Upon walking into the refreshed showroom last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the youthful and glistening impression it’s putting forth.

The signature Brunschwig plaid, rendered in the entrance’s marble floor is a real sensation.  Wouldn’t you agree?  And the rest of the showroom is equally breathtaking…..


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At The Newsstand: August 2013

5 interiors, 5 products, 15 resources

CJ Dellatore At The Newsstand photo


Every month for ‘At The Newsstand’ I scour as many interior design and lifestyle magazines as possible looking for inspiring interiors with one standout piece, or even an overlooked item that may be out of fashion, but which still commands my attention.  They say a chair is a chair, but some are iconic, and derive their elegance from the technology which spawned them, or are so steeped in historical reference that they are both classic and timeless.

There are two such examples in this post, along with sliding barn doors, crystal chandeliers and whimsical shell-encrusted mirrors.  Nothing is spared my scrutiny to find new resources – many less obvious – for your perusal.

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At The Newsstand: July 2013

5 interiors, 5 products, 15 resources

At The Newstand


Welcome to my monthly ‘At The Newsstand’ post for July, 2013.  It features five stunning interiors – each of which has one furnishing that I find especially intriguing, and the extraordinary resources for them.  The research is what this is all about for me – providing you with viable options that assist you in designing creative spaces.

July is heavy on handmade custom furniture resources, with a touch of sleek  and whimsical thrown in for good measure.  Ultimately, there are few shortcuts in this industry when it comes to procuring quality.  I avail you of my curiosity to assist you in making the effort a little less time-consuming.

So, let’s get started.

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At The Newsstand: May 2013

5 interiors, 5 products, 15 resources

At The Newstand…………………………

The merry month of May is here and the life is good in the world of interior design.  Fresh ideas are cropping up as abundantly as the weeds in my new garden (having moved to the country recently).

As promised, every month I peruse my stack of shelter magazines to  find what’s exciting, inspiring and news worthy for our readers.  This month I was looking for unusual items to focus on. I hope you find them helpful.  As always, with each showcased furnishing or accessory I provide three resources to help you in your search for similar things.

Let’s get to it.

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