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The Video Frontier

La Maison Pierre Frey's short film 'Escapade'

CJ Dellatore Pierre Frey Escapade Hotel Costes, Paris


Last week I attended the American premiere of a short film by La Maison Pierre Frey, hosted by Pierre Frey and Newell Turner on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower in New York City.

The small group of design professionals in attendance included Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson, Scott Salvator, Maureen Footer, Frank Webb, Ron Marvin, and Brad Ford among others. I’d seen the film the previous week online, but seeing it again with this crowd was great fun.

In the days that followed the screening a few bloggers posted about it with glowing reviews, and for the record I thought it was sensational – but for more than just the visuals.

The film is titled ‘Escapade’, and I’ve embedded it here for you to watch.


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The New Guard: Rachel Doriss

Pollack's New Design Director

Last week I was invited to a luncheon at POLLACK’s design headquarters, to meet Rachel Doriss, the firms new Creative Director, and to see her first collection since being promoted to that position in the wake of Mark Pollack stepping down in the Spring of 2012.

‘The New Guard’ has been, up till today, a column that profiles young interior designers whose work we admire.  After seeing the new collection from Pollack titled ‘We Love Color’, design editor Carl Lana and I decided to expand the concept of this bi-monthly post to include textile, furniture, and lighting designers.

One of the highlights of my visit was learning how ‘Etched Floral’ (an intricate machine embroidery in the collection) is manufactured, by watching a fascinating video Rachel shot on her recent visit to India.  She graciously shared it with me to embed in this post.

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A Boy And His Dog

Zak Profera and 'Shinji' of Zak+Fox

Zak-and-Shinji Final…………………………

You know the phenomenon – someone’s name comes up in conversation so often that you finally decide you need to learn more about them.  Zak Profera was that guy on my radar as 2012 came to a close.  Friends were talking about how incredible stylish his printed linens were.  I’d also been told that his beloved Shiba Inu ‘Shinji’ represents the ‘Fox’ in his company’s name.

So last week I asked him to meet me at Studio Four, where he is represented in New York, to show me his collection.  We had a lengthy conversation about his career trajectory, and the fascinating intellectual design process behind each of his prints.

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The Fashion Institute of Technology

'Fashion and Technology' Exhibition



Earlier this month ‘Fashion and Technology’ opened at the FIT Museum on 7th Avenue at 27th Street in NYC.  The exhibit explores the impact of emerging technologies on the nature of fashion design and production over the past 250 years; focusing on innovations that have influenced the materials, aesthetic, and function of fashion.

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Deck The Halls

adding shimmer & sparkle with fabrics, wallcoverings, and trims

Chandelier at the Metropolitan Opera HouseThe Chandelier at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House


My life as an interior designer is all about details.  I love to go to extremes whenever possible.  With the drab winter season fast approaching, I’m feeling the need for some shimmer and sparkle. Since my home is a total reflection of my life, I embarked this week on a shopping excursion in search of just that rare entity: fabrics, wallpapers, and trims that lend dramatic effects by virtue of their reflective qualities.

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Fortuny in the 21st Century

The 'Grand Manner' lives on...

Photograph by Erik Kvalsvik from Fortuny Interiors by Brian Coleman.  Reprinted with permission by Gibbs Smith.


From the curiosity and passion of one person – Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo – a design empire was created that encompassed fine arts, photography, theatrical design, lighting, fashion and textilesThe inventor, and the world he created over one hundred years ago, still thrives and advances today thanks to Maury and Mickey Riad, the brothers who operate his namesake firm.

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Tissus Français Modernes

a visit with Patrick and Pierre Frey


“Designers today are discovering that Pierre Frey is not as traditional as they might have thought.  Of course we have Toile du Jouy – but we have so much more.”

-Pierre Frey


Last week I had the great pleasure of meeting Patrick and Pierre Frey in their company’s New York showroom.  Patrick, the family patriarch, is the second generation President and Creative Director, while his son Pierre (named after his Grandfather who established the firm in 1935) is the head of International Relations.  Matthieu and Vincent Frey – pictured above in the family portrait – are Patrick’s other sons.  They are also company executives.

During my visit Patrick and Pierre shared some of their storied history, and walked me though their collection of fabrics.  I’d like to share some of what I consider to be the standouts.

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