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Made In America: John Boone Inc.

Maintaining the highest production standards in New York State

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In my pursuit of home furnishings companies who manufacture in America, I have been discovering many who are working and producing right here in our own backyard.  New York has historically been  a center of manufacturing.  Yet with all of the closures and re-locations of industries over the years, which were previously centered here, there remain a handful of craftsmen and artisans still endeavoring to carry on the tradition of quality crafted furniture.  It is pleasantly reassuring to know that as a design center, New York has many such firms to collaborate with to realize one’s creative vision.

In a society that is focused on quick, affordable solutions on many fronts, we must not lose sight of what the end product of interior design is.  Quality equates to the finest level of luxury.  In endorsing this way of thinking, I have decided to spotlight those small local businesses who are striving to provide just such a product and service to a discerning audience.

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