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LEPERE’s Latest Austere Offering

Piet Boon's 'Concrete Wallpaper' Collection

Piet Hein Eek, Piet Boon, Merci, Rick Vintage, NLXL, Scrapwood WPiet Boon ‘Concrete Wallpaper’ #3


Throughout the history of the decorative arts, the technique of creating faux finishes has always held a level of popularity and preference.  In fact, regardless of the cost of the real material, the painterly approach to depicting boissiere, stone blocks or applied textural building materials has been just as popular as the actual bulky or laborious methods.  It has simply been considered highly decorative and more sophisticated in certain circles over the years.

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Deck The Halls

adding shimmer & sparkle with fabrics, wallcoverings, and trims

Chandelier at the Metropolitan Opera HouseThe Chandelier at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House


My life as an interior designer is all about details.  I love to go to extremes whenever possible.  With the drab winter season fast approaching, I’m feeling the need for some shimmer and sparkle. Since my home is a total reflection of my life, I embarked this week on a shopping excursion in search of just that rare entity: fabrics, wallpapers, and trims that lend dramatic effects by virtue of their reflective qualities.

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Chinese Art and Heritage in 20th Century Decorative Arts

shopping for hand painted wallpapers

An Antique Fragment from The Bentley House Chinese Drawing Room


As an interior designer I have often been charged with the task of adding historical reference to my projects.   This can occur in a number of ways.   Today I want to talk about one of the most sublime genres of the decorative arts – hand painted Chinese inspired wallpapers.  The history of decorative arts is a vast caldron of ingredients which when handled deftly can produce a fine stew.

Living Large

Great Grand Scale Wallpapers

Elle Decor, Kelly Wearstler, Mercer Island, Washington, Stairs 700pKelly Wearstler    Elle Decor August 2012

I met Kelly Wearstler a few years back, her line of textiles for Schumacher debuted at the same time my line did.   She’s a charming woman, and while I may not always want to live in the rooms she designs (which is fortuitous since I could scarcely afford them), I admire her exuberance.  To suggest  she pushes the envelope in design doesn’t quite describe her style – unless you’re got a terribly large mailbox.  I think of her as equal parts Salvatore Dali, Dorothy Draper, and Christian Lacroix… all of whom I love.

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