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Fringe Element

Could the return of trim be an indicator of economic recovery?

Alex-papachristidis-home-1112-xl3Alex Papchristidis’s Manhattan living room courtesy Elle Decor


I dislike the word ‘trend’.  It’s always seemed to me that the most creative design professionals have an intellectual process behind their work that transcends what’s currently fashionable.

With that in mind, it’s hard to deny the trend away from specifying trim during the downturn of the American economy in recent years.  Honestly, can you remember the last editorial in which trims were prominently featured?  It seems that everyone (except perhaps for Ann Getty) got the ‘less is more’ memo.

That all changed when Elle Decor published Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson’s Manhattan apartment last fall, resplendent with colorful gimp, moss fringe, and key tassels.

Flipping through the pages (which seemed to channel Robert Denning & Vincent Fourcade) I began wondering.  Could the return of trim be an indicator of economic recovery?

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Deck The Halls

adding shimmer & sparkle with fabrics, wallcoverings, and trims

Chandelier at the Metropolitan Opera HouseThe Chandelier at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House


My life as an interior designer is all about details.  I love to go to extremes whenever possible.  With the drab winter season fast approaching, I’m feeling the need for some shimmer and sparkle. Since my home is a total reflection of my life, I embarked this week on a shopping excursion in search of just that rare entity: fabrics, wallpapers, and trims that lend dramatic effects by virtue of their reflective qualities.

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