Marketplace News: Brunschwig & Fils

A sneak peak at the redecorated New York Showroom

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 1


The much awaited completion of Brunschwig & FilsNew York showroom has finally arrived. Upon walking into the refreshed showroom last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the youthful and glistening impression it’s putting forth.

The signature Brunschwig plaid, rendered in the entrance’s marble floor is a real sensation.  Wouldn’t you agree?  And the rest of the showroom is equally breathtaking…..



The Montreal design firm Atelier de L’Opera was brought on board to work with the creative team consisting of Stephen Elrod, B&F’s Executve VP/Creative Director, interior designer Michael Smith, and Doug Garfinkle, Kravet‘s Executive VP of Showrooms.

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & fils NYC showroom 4

Your own interest in traditional textiles may be peaked by this current interpretation.  Many old favorites have been brought back and recolored for a new market.  The displays and fabric galleries are vibrant, and explicitly targeted to the new traditionalist movement.  What better way to bring a resurgence into play than to rebrand such revered and stalwart textile and furniture lines as these classic French designs have.

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 6

To compliment the lines, carpets and broadlooms by J.D. Staron have been added.  In addition to the Brunschwig & Fils staff, Staron has carpet professionals onsite to assist you in making your selections for your projects.

CJ DEllatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 2

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 3

Cj Dellatore Brunschwig & fils NYC showroom 5

CJ Dellatore Brunschwig & Fils NYC showroom 7

A trip to the New York showroom needs to be on your list of priorities for the coming weeks.  You will be inspired!


Carl Lana