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Business & Design: The Future of Print Media

Recent data that suggests glossies could be headed for extinction

Wooly-MammothWoolly Mammoth


An article out last week via The Daily Beast about the latest quarterly earnings report from the New York Times got me once again thinking about print media, and more specifically about the seemingly trepidatious shift from paper to digital content that media outlets are attempting to navigate.

As with most any other issue, it does all seem to come down to economics, and as this is our ‘Business & Design’ column, I decided to investigate the bottom line for publishers, to better understand where advertising dollars are being spent, and to pose the question: Is it important to our industry for shelter publications to continue to produce in paper?

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Business & Design: The Compensation Debate

Perspective on changing interior design fee structures

Hourly vs. Commission


In recent years there’s been a notable shift in the way interior design professionals are choosing to be compensated for their work: precipitated by ever-increasing internet access to once guarded trade resources, and the struggling economy.

Many design firms are adopting a fixed fee structure, or an hourly compensation rate for their services, as opposed to what has long been the industry standard of percentage mark-ups on merchandise and services.  I decided to ask one such firm, as well as the interior design industry’s leading legal council, to explain why the shift is advantageous to designers and their clients alike.

I also canvassed residents on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for their opinions.  I think you’ll find what I learned interesting.

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Business & Design: We’re Celebrating!

It's our 1st Anniversary

1st Birthday Cupcake…………………………

Today, March 8th, marks our 1 year anniversary here on the blog.  Over the past year we’ve brought you stories about interior design resources, business posts (we hope) have helped guide your success, technology information as it relates to design, and fashion dispatches – because we believe that fashion informs interior design, and vice versa.

Earlier this week the Design Bloggers Conference took place in Los Angelos.   It was an amazing honor to be nominated as one of the 5 best new design blogs of the year.  In the months since the nominations were announced, folks have asked me why I started a blog.  I have the answer.

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Business & Design: Blogging

6 reasons not to start (or continue writing) a blog


According to an article on SocialTimes.com, the internet turned 30 on January 1st of this year.  There are opposing opinions, but for the sake of this post, we’ll go with 30 (if for no other reason than it’s a nice round number.)

In that time marketing and advertising have radically changed.  Blogging is the new marketing tool.

Interior designers and design professionals regularly ask me why I blog, and if everyone should start a blog to advance their brand?

After nearly 3 years of researching social media and content marketing, I’ve come up with 6 reasons not to start a blog.  So before you start – or continue writing a blog – you might consider reading this post.

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Business & Design: Branding

the 7 necessary steps for building a successful design brand



Most of us in the design profession understand that, much like the architecture which supports the spaces we create, a successful business requires a carefully established philosophical underpinning.  I’ve spent nearly 27 years researching and implementing some of the basic concepts of successful branding.  Recently I’ve turned my focus toward the tools available through the internet.  Here’s a wrap of my thoughts, both the old-school and tech savvy, as they apply to a design centric business.

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