Business & Design: We’re Celebrating!

It's our 1st Anniversary

1st Birthday Cupcake…………………………

Today, March 8th, marks our 1 year anniversary here on the blog.  Over the past year we’ve brought you stories about interior design resources, business posts (we hope) have helped guide your success, technology information as it relates to design, and fashion dispatches – because we believe that fashion informs interior design, and vice versa.

Earlier this week the Design Bloggers Conference took place in Los Angelos.   It was an amazing honor to be nominated as one of the 5 best new design blogs of the year.  In the months since the nominations were announced, folks have asked me why I started a blog.  I have the answer.

First, I must admit I’m a devotee of Google Analytics, and have studied not only the kinds of stories which are popular here on the blog, but the kinds of posts on our social media platforms that spark a dialogue, and in turn creativity.  But in the end, something I read about blogging (before I even conceived of starting this one) turns out to be true.

In his book ‘Platform’, Michael Hyatt says the real reason to blog is to clarify your thinking, and to achieve creative ideas.  He further suggests that “thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips”, and that if you are writing, “you are achieving greater clarity about your life, your work, and what matters most” – and that is the reason to blog.

He’s quite right.  A year later, I’m clearer about my goals, the future, and what I envision my life to be – because of blogging.   That’s one hell of a great birthday gift.




I’d like to say thanks to Design Editor Carl Lana, Fashion Editor Anthony Costa, and Technology Editor James White.  It’s been great fun gentlemen, let’s make it another banner year!