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Living Large

Great Grand Scale Wallpapers

Elle Decor, Kelly Wearstler, Mercer Island, Washington, Stairs 700pKelly Wearstler    Elle Decor August 2012

I met Kelly Wearstler a few years back, her line of textiles for Schumacher debuted at the same time my line did.   She’s a charming woman, and while I may not always want to live in the rooms she designs (which is fortuitous since I could scarcely afford them), I admire her exuberance.  To suggest  she pushes the envelope in design doesn’t quite describe her style – unless you’re got a terribly large mailbox.  I think of her as equal parts Salvatore Dali, Dorothy Draper, and Christian Lacroix… all of whom I love.

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Artisanal Paint & Paper

Farrow & Ball


“Artisanal” is a term bantered about by cheese-makers and breweries these days as if it had no real contextual meaning.  The distinction refers to products made by traditionally trained craftsman – minimally impacted by the advances of the industrial revolution.  Since its establishment in 1946 in Dorset England, Farrow & Ball has been producing artisanal paints and wallpapers in the same time-honored ways.  I sat down with Christine Klotz and Lydia Tower at the D&D building showroom last week to learn about F & B, and why it’s considered by many to be the best paint and paper resource.

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