Holiday House NYC 2013

Benefitting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation



Holiday House NY is one of the most exciting and sought after decorating venues this season and not to be missed by any means.  Some of the best talent has gathered this year to produce a sumptuous display of lively, personable interiors.

You might enjoy hearing Iris Dankner, founder and co-chair of Holiday House, in her own eloquent words explaining the relevance of her mission…..

“After the fantastic debut of Holiday House Hamptons this past summer, we are thrilled to be back home in Manhattan for the sixth annual Holiday House NYC!  My thanks to the wonderful community that has come together in support of the Showhouse and a cause that is so close to my heart.

Once again, HH consists of beautifully designed spaces themed to the holidays and life’s special occasions within The Academy Mansion on the Upper East Side.

We are extremely fortunate to have some of the country’s premier interior designers bringing their visions to life.  Their extraordinary creativity has been paramount in creating a unique and magical showhouse, and I sincerely thank them for putting their hearts and souls into this project.

This year’s beneficiary is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  BCRF is dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime and provides critical funding for research worldwide.  The foundation also promotes campaigns for awareness and prevention.  As a breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand that early detection saves lives.. Recent statistics show that if breast cancer is diagnosed in its early stages, the five-year survival rate is as high as 97 percent.

Thank you all for your generous and gracious support.  I hope that in your lives, you will continue to enjoy all of the celebrations you experience at Holiday House.  Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!”


Historically the interior design community has shown massive amounts of support for a number of charities and not-for-profits.  The Holiday House venue has become one of the premiere New York design industry events.  Each year I eagerly anticipate seeing it.  This year’s designers have done an exemplary job, with a number of showhouse newcomers there is an ambiance of warmth, pleasure, and a joyous celebration of lives well lived; a definite favorite among showhouses in recent years.

Let’s hope that this post will entice you to visit the house and support BCRF.  The Academy Mansion again is host to Holiday House and admission is $35 per person.  The house will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Let me take you on a quick tour of some of the beautifully decorated rooms.

CJ Dellatore Holiday House NY

Cullman and Kravis’ room celebrates birthdays (appropriate as the firm just turned 30!)


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Ingrao

Tony Ingrao & Randy Kempner celebrate Christmas Casablanca style


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Patrick J Hamilton

Patrick J. Hamilton pays homage to his namesake’s boisterous holiday in a sophisticated manner


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Campion Platt

Campion Platt evokes us to dream sweet dreams in his sumptuous bedroom


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Ally CoulterFootball fans can revel in Ally Coulter’s very VIP sports lounge


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2103 Darrin Varden

Darrin Varden’s seductively romantic room celebrates the coming winter solstice with loads of drama


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Susanna Salk

Susanna Salk heralds in the New Year with a vibrant and bold statement


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Franklin Eighth

The Jazz Age resonates within the Art Deco inspired lounge created by Franklin Eighth


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Tinatin Kilaberidze

A modern fairytale Christmas for a very imaginative child by Tinatin Kilaberidze Design


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Weitzman-HalpernBeing sixteen couldn’t be sweeter in this modern, chic room by Weitzman-Halpern Design


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 Guillaume Gentet

Celebrating femininity in over-the -top fashion, Guillaume Gentet tea room is trés glamoureuse


CJ Dellatore Holididay House NYC 2013 Patrik Lönn Design

Patrik Lönn celebrates the holidays in a warm and inviting Scottish spirit


CJ Dellatore Holiday House NYC 2013 J Cohler Mason

Celebrate New Year’s Day with more pink champagne in J. Cohler Mason’s “Recovery Room”


CJ Dellatore Holiday HOuse NYC 2013 James Rixner

James Rixner invites us to join him in celebrating his vivacious first apartment


CJ Dellatore holiday House NYC 2013 Rachel Laxer

Rachel Laxer’s Valentine’s Day inspired room is full of enchantment

Celebrate, support, and please spread the good word about this great event and its most important cause.


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