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Fashion Fusion

Knoll luxe

Knoll luxe in New York City’s D&D building is diminutive by comparison to other showroom spaces, but there’s more here than meets the eye.  It’s a concentrated nerve center representative of the  emerging technologies of no less than 8 countries in textile design.  Cannon Schaub, fresh from a 10 year stint as the textile manager for Holly Hunt (another known textile innovator) was tapped to manage the line introduced by KnollTextile creative director Dorothy Cosonas, and I for one can hardly imagine a better pairing.  Cosonas envisioned the collaboration between fashion’s current luminaries and the Knoll brand as the latest incarnation of the company’s history of mash-ups… so having the ever fashion forward Schaub at the helm is serendipitous.  This is stylish product, stylish space and a stylish representative.

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