Fashion Fusion

Knoll luxe

Knoll luxe in New York City’s D&D building is diminutive by comparison to other showroom spaces, but there’s more here than meets the eye.  It’s a concentrated nerve center representative of the  emerging technologies of no less than 8 countries in textile design.  Cannon Schaub, fresh from a 10 year stint as the textile manager for Holly Hunt (another known textile innovator) was tapped to manage the line introduced by KnollTextile creative director Dorothy Cosonas, and I for one can hardly imagine a better pairing.  Cosonas envisioned the collaboration between fashion’s current luminaries and the Knoll brand as the latest incarnation of the company’s history of mash-ups… so having the ever fashion forward Schaub at the helm is serendipitous.  This is stylish product, stylish space and a stylish representative.

Interior design professionals who specialize in hospitality and contract projects are familiar with KnollTextile as a premiere resource for the latest innovations in beautifully understated and durable fabrics.  With the addition of Knoll luxe, the brand successfully brings an elevated and refined sense of style to the residential community as well, and it’s a welcome addition.  Ms. Cosonas’s premiere grouping of fabrics for the Knoll luxe line was born of an understanding of Florence Knoll’s aesthetic matched with her own take on how high fashion trends translate to the modern interior.  For her second collection, she enlisted the viewpoints of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, collectively Proenza Schouler.  In the third, the reigning sisters of 7th avenue, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte were invited to the drafting table.   The resulting fabrics are subtle, sophisticated, edgy, and fresh all at the same time… and as a collection, Knoll luxe is 50% Architectural Digest, 50% Vogue, and 100% Fabulous.

“Emerson” from the Rodarte collection.

P.S.  A brand new collection of 3 wallpapers, a partnership between Dorothy Cosonas and the design duo Jee Levin and Randall Buck of Trove Wallpaper, is now available at the Knoll luxe showroom.  I’ve been watching the evolution of digitally printed fabrics and wallcoverings… and I’m here to tell you that these papers are far and away the best I’ve seen.

The “Vivid” collection by Trove for KnollTextiles