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5 Professionals Under 25 – Part II

What's In, What's Out, And What's Next In Social Media

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In the first half of this 2 part story I spoke with 5 young professionals under 25, from various creative backgrounds, about how they utilize social media to advance their personal brands. The post turned out to be very popular.

Today I’ve turned my attention to what the members of the group  who all came of age along with the internet – viscerally think about what’s in, what’s out, and what’s next in social media.

You may be surprised by their answers.

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5 Professionals Under 25

Survey The Current Landscape Of Social Media

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I’m no spring chicken.  There, I’ve said it.

And if you’re anything like me – someone slightly older who’s attempting to bridge the digital divide between your ‘public library’ childhood and the rapidly morphing information age, you understand the challenges of adapting.

Those ideas were certainly underscored last week when I read an article about how young people (18 through 29 in this particular study) use their smartphones differently than people in previous generations.  The findings were varied, and sometimes shocking – for instance nearly 40% think it’s perfectly acceptable to check Facebook while dining with a friend.

I found myself wondering, if there are generational differences in how we use smartphones, what about social media?  With the help of friend Dustin O’Neal of Strohl & Co Public Relations – who graciously connected me to a group of 5 people under 25 who are active on SM platforms – I got some thought-provoking insight.

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