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The New Benchmark in Quality Hand-Crafted Color

CJ Dellatore C2 PaintLast month while attending the press preview of Holiday House Hamptons, Carl Lana and I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Scully, the Director of Business Development for C2 Paint.

The company is one of the sponsors of the event benefitting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and they generously provided all the paint in the house to the 22 designers who created rooms for the event.

Neither Carl nor I had heard of the company, and as there’s nothing better than a new resource, we decided to learn more about it.

CJ Dellatore Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan for Holiday House Hamptons


Walking through the show house it was clear that most designers still feel the adage ‘white’s always right’ in a beach house remains true.   But interior designer Richard Mishaans Dining Room (which snagged the pole position in the New York Times preview of the event) featured a beautiful shade of cobalt blue specifically formulated to compliment the Yves Klein sculptures he chose for the room.

Joining us on the tour Colleen Scully gave us each a fan deck of the company’s 496 colors.      Carl immediately noticed that the color chips were indeed paint themselves – not photographic representations of the hues.  Colleen explained that the company invests in the fan decks so that designers see the exact color when choosing it for a room.  Couple that with the fact that you can purchase a 17″ x 24″ pre-painted color card to tack to a wall for consideration, and you have a unique customer service experience.

C2 is a co-op of 6 paint dealers who were disgruntled by the changes at Pratt & Lambert subsequent to its purchase by Sherwin Williams.  Headed up by Tom Hill III (the lead chemist who left P&L to start the company) the group has successfully created a new Lo VOC, full spectrum, premium paint which exceeds the revered standard Pratt & Lambert once held.

From a business model standpoint I find the company quite interesting.  The average price point is $69.00 per gallon dropped shipped to your location – facilitated by the fact that this boutique line is only represented by a limited number of dealers in the US.  That model allows C2 to offer an exemplary product at a less-than-premium price.

In the week subsequent to the opening of Holiday House Hamptons, Carl caught up with Colleen at the Stroheim Vervain S. Harris showroom in New York’s D&D Building to get more details about the company, and about an upcoming collection of 84 new colors created by interior designer Barry Dixon;


In case you missed that email address its   You have to see the collection of paint colors yourself to truly appreciate how sophisticated they are.  And finally, take a moment to see the entire list of sponsors of Holiday House Hamptons – and consider using their products in your work.  After all one good deed deserves another.


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Written by CJ Dellatore