Design: Pinterest Picks July, 2013

design inspiration from some of my influencers

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In my ever reaching search for inspiration on all creative levels, I have come to rely on Pinterest more and more.  The notion of discovering and sharing what others are posting to their boards has brought me a vast visual library from which I can take stimulus – from interiors to fashion, from design to nature –  it’s endless and therein lies the real excitement.

Where else can you subscribe to such a bounty of images, many of which have links for easy reference.  I remember growing up with my set of encyclopedias which were always referred to.  Now I have only to type in a phrase or word and have the universe open up to me.

I am able to connect with ideas that will help me in my work, my personal style, and even in my own interests.  All I can say is that there is never enough time in my day to get my fill.  This is one of the most mind expansive tools that I have discovered.

So on this holiday weekend, I felt that it would be a nice change of pace to share with you some of the people who I consider influencers to my creative eye.

Let’s look together at four creative souls and what they see as their personal inspiration.  It may just spark your interest to find out more about them or even to get involved with Pinterest yourself, if you are not already utilizing it for your own work or interests.


Andy Goldsborough is an interior designer based in New York City.  His Pinterest boards are ones that I follow, maybe you will want to as well.  His blog “The Gilded Owl” is also a true gateway into his perspective on style.  If you are not already familiar with it I highly recommend you check it out.

The first of Andy’s boards that I am sharing is called “Making an Entrance” – what better way to start.


Image courtesy Jennifer Post Design

Another board that tells me a great deal about Andy is his “Art/Photography

yellowtrace_Anish-Kapoor-Untitled-2011_07Anish Kapoor

Andy’s “Design Inspirations” is the board that I go to time and time again for my own pleasure.


Gas station in Eslovaquia


My next set of boards are from the renowned interiors photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna.  I always enjoy seeing what he pins and to see the world through a photographer’s eye.  It’s very stimulating.

His first board that I just love to look at is “Gardens and Flowers


Artists and their Studios” is a great one for me. I am always intrigued by artists and their working environments.


Madame Grès as sculpture

Rooms I Like” (and boards like it) are of great fascination to me.  What better way to get an intuitive look into a person’s point of view?

Interior designer Stephen Sills

Interior by Stephen Sills


Another interior designer whom I follow is Jim Fairfax and his blog “Luxury Problems” His boards are wildly synonymous with my aesthetic.  Therefore, I have included a selection of his Pinterest boards for your pleasure.

Fashion That Inspires” is one of my favorites.  I watch closely how fashion can influence.


Alexander McQueen Fall 2006

Jim’s “Iconic interiors” always fascinates me.


Raymond Guest’s Paris living room decorated by Emilio Terry

His fascination with art and sculpture is acutely evident in this next board “Architecture as SCULPTURE


Tadao Ando  Architect


I love to follow antique dealers for their vision.  Michele Sommerlath is a great one.  She has her gallery in Culver City CA.  Here are three of her boards that I pursue for her viewpoint.

Graphique” is a board that stimulates my admiration for vivid, bold imagery.


Herbert Bayer, Harpers Bazaar cover

The board “Interiors” is one with unusual photos, some I have never seen before.


Michele’s “Art“, encapsulates a primary reason why I subscribe and follow other creative people.


“Chief” Franz Kline 1950


Well, that was an afternoon well spent.  Not only did I cull some interesting inspirational boards for you from my followers – I also discovered a number of new images to pin myself.  Needless to say this post took a bit more time than I had expected.
I hope that you enjoyed what I have shared with you.  Let’s all keep pinning.


Written by Carl Lana