At The Newsstand: July 2013

5 interiors, 5 products, 15 resources

At The Newstand


Welcome to my monthly ‘At The Newsstand’ post for July, 2013.  It features five stunning interiors – each of which has one furnishing that I find especially intriguing, and the extraordinary resources for them.  The research is what this is all about for me – providing you with viable options that assist you in designing creative spaces.

July is heavy on handmade custom furniture resources, with a touch of sleek  and whimsical thrown in for good measure.  Ultimately, there are few shortcuts in this industry when it comes to procuring quality.  I avail you of my curiosity to assist you in making the effort a little less time-consuming.

So, let’s get started.

CJ Dellatore Objekt International

In the current issue of Objekt International, there is a bedroom which speaks to my keen interest in attractive and functional bedside lighting.  I have been focused on providing suspended lighting in order to free up the surface of one’s night tables for better use.  This gives any style of room a touch of sleekness.

CJ Dellatore Objekt International product page

My primary go to resource for pendant lighting is Vistosi, a Murano based company which combines cutting edge technology with time-honored glass blowing techniques to  produce a refined and symbiotic product.  For a broader perspective on this method of lighting I recommend ylighting for a good general selection.  Keeping with the Italian aesthetic, Artimede is a modern classic lighting resource that stands the test of time with its iconic offerings.


In this month’s Veranda, we turn to an awesome interior by Tom Britt which features a stunning room decorated in the exuberant style for which he is known.  Britt incorporates Indian silver furniture which is juxtaposed with the delicate color palette of Russian Empire interiors.

CJ Dellatore Veranda

Collected for its exotic Victorian stylishness, Indian silver furniture is far more decorative than functional.  Yet it has a definite place in my mind in opulent looking interiors.  All of the resources that I am providing are in India.  Why not take the chance and consider these manufacturers for their more unusual offerings.  Taking a gamble on the occasional piece can be rewarding and magical when placed in the right interior.  Since quality and function are not the main concern, it’s more about the “look”.

CJ Dellatore Veranda product page

Here are my three picks for you.  Silver Furniture of India offers a vast selection with what seems to be a fairly reliable level of quality.  Pushpa Exports offers interesting hand crafted pieces through a crafts cooperative since the 1970’s.  Rajasthan Furniture is my last resource offering a full spectrum of exotic furniture for your perusal.


CJ Dellatore House Beautiful

In the Summer issue of House Beautiful, the magazine is featuring how to make small spaces beautiful and functional.  Mary Douglas Drysdale, as always, never disappoints.  One of the most efficient pieces of functional furniture is the gateleg drop leaf table.  When a dining table is not the primary need in a small space the gateleg table is the perfect solution as it offers up to three viable options for use.

CJ Dellatore House Beautiful product page

My first pick is a furniture maker from England Fauld, who offers some tables and it appears that they also will offer customization.  Also for England is Piers Pisani offering handmade, exquisitely finished products.  My final resource is one of keen interest.  Custom Made is a cooperative website that links you to specific crafts people who fabricate just the piece of furniture that you are looking for.  This one may prove to be a very useful resource for the future.


CJ Dellatore Architectural Digest

July’s Architectural Digest features a story about the venerable Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatta, and showcases the Hamptons and Palm Beach residences of Hillary and Wilbur Ross.  True to his vernacular, Mario has installed the most special of four-poster beds in each of the residences.  I chose to focus on the Palm Beach Master Bedroom’s offering.

CJ Dellatore Architectural Digest product page

Typically designers have their secret source for custom-made beds, but here are a few impressive ones to consider.  Again, I take us back to England.  Beaudesert based in London is a specialist in handsome poster beds know for their historical accuracy.  If you are looking for a more Americana feeling, The Country Bed Shop is your preferred company.  Wait until you see all of the great beds that they offer and they are in New England.  The last resource is And So To Bed offering a great and concise selection.


CJ Dellatore Elle Decor

Easy living is what summer is all about, right?  Elle Decor‘s current issue showcases a Federal period weekend retreat nestled in the Hudson Valley.  True to its historical references, the house is decorated in a cozy, relaxed, traditional vein.  A big fan of late 18th/early 19th century American furniture, I gravitated to the Windsor chair in the dining tavern room.

CJDellatore Elle Decor product page

Here are my three resources for where to find refined examples of hand crafted reproductions built-in the same traditional manner.  Though we think of this as an American design, it originated in the 17th century in England.  Fine Windsor Chairs by George Ainley in Vermont is going back in time.  Each chair is remarkable and true to the period.  For a slightly more contemporary approach there is a chair maker in North Carolina, Michael Brown who custom-made adaptations.  On the Etsy site I found a chair maker, kapeldesigns who offers perfect New York and Philadelphia style versions.


Well, there is nothing better than chancing upon a number of high quality hand made furniture and lighting for those stylish interiors that you are working on.  Traditional designs and techniques are still alive and thriving as long as they are appreciated and employed in today’s interiors.

Thanks for reading, and have a great summer!


Written by Carl Lana