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New & Noteworthy: Studio Four NYC

The Designer Rug Collection

CJ Dellatore Studio Four Designer Rugs


Yesterday afternoon Stacey Waggoner and Kate Reynolds (the stylish proprietors of one of my favorite showrooms Studio Four NYC) unveiled their new ‘Designer Rug Collection‘ at a smart afternoon fête.  I  stopped by and had an opportunity to see them first hand.

There were 4 design firms involved in creating these 8 exciting new patterns, with each pattern being offered in 3 colorways for a total of 24 combinations…..

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Flatiron Fabrics

Kate Reynolds & Stacy Waggoner of Studio Four

It’s been 3 years since Stacy Waggoner and Kate Reynolds opened Studio Four in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. I recently heard they’d expanded into a larger space flooded with gorgeous light, so I went in to see them.  Their beautiful new showroom is a spacious and airy “white envelope” – quintessential downtown chic – showcasing the fabrics, wallpapers and rugs they’ve curated.  I had the opportunity to meet them both upon my arrival, and within seconds felt right at home.   As they walked me through the 27 lines they represent, it became incredibly clear that they share a point of view, a sense of style, and a generous dose of southern charm (hailing from Texas and South Carolina respectively).  On the whole, Studio Four’s collection is casually sophisticated, understated (in the most glorious way), and fresh.  These ladies both worked for A&M collection, among other stalwart showrooms, and I could easily see how their history has influenced them – but they’ve moved their aesthetic forward in a more youthful, colorful (the key word) and exuberant way.

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Island Life

Balinese Batik

Batik is both the name of a wax resist dyeing technique, and the finished fabric it  produces.  The photo above shows a true Balinese batik, with its trademark “crackle” design.  In principle it’s fairly simplistic, which belies convention.  I tried my hand at making a batik with the help of Yvonne Sherer (a Jamaican master) a few years back.  Time consuming, complicated and messy (the dye took weeks to fade from my hands) are the buzz-words.  I recommend searching out an indigenous cloth (Bali, Pacific rim, West Indies etc) because when chromatically infused with Island ethnicity, batiks immediately transport you to the beach. Continue reading