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The Necessity Of Social Media

from an interior design perspective

CJ Dellatore Social Media Icons


It’s no secret that I’ve been consulting with designers and showrooms in the interest of helping them craft effective content marketing, and social media strategies.

So when a potential new client (who has up until now refused to join the crowd on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) asked me 2 weeks ago to help her understand why she needed to engage, I answered her question with a question in return: Do you want to advance your interior design business?

She of course said yes.  Here’s a synopsis of what I said next.

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Instagram 101

Utilizing the image sharing platform to promote your design business



In terms of image sharing social media platforms, nothing beats the exceptional connectivity and branding power of Instagram.  Some might argue that Pinterest is more powerful, but I would disagree. (I read an informative article comparing the two back in June that will help you decide for yourself.)

If you haven’t established an Instagram account as of yet, and you own a smart phone, you should – here’s the link to get you started.

There are a few simple reasons you should consider it your go-to image sharing app I’d like to share.

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