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Architectural Photography: Ron Blunt

'Panorama' - A 25 Year Retrospective in Washington, DC

CJ Dellatore Ron Blunt Panorama


Tomorrow evening celebrated architectural, interior design, and landscape photography master Ron Blunt is hosting a party to celebrate the opening of ‘Panorama’ – a retrospective of 25 years of his work.

His dynamic clientele includes some of the world’s leading designers and architects, as well as cultural institutions and luxury brands.  He has the eye of a painter, using idyllic light and striking composition to create the foundation for his evocative images….


Business & Design: Less is More

The Growing Trend Towards Smaller Homes

2013_01_23_grabb_13172_3_rsznARCHITECTS Prefabricated ‘Micro Apartment’ Building


In late January the Bloomberg administration announced the winner of the AdApt NYC competition, which sought to imagine the future of housing in New York City.  The winning proposal, by a team including nARCHITECTS, developers Monadnock, and the Actors Fund HD, will begin construction at 335 East 27th Street next year.  Their scheme, “My Micro NY,” calls for nine stories of long, thin apartments stepped back from the street.  Each apartment will be prefabricated in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and arranged on site using a crane, saving precious construction days and millions of dollars.  Here’s the link to the story on Curbed.com if you’d like to learn more.

Reading about the project peaked my curiosity about housing trends around the rest of the country in this post recession era.  There’s some very interesting data that clearly suggests the trend toward smaller homes is not limited to urban areas.  You might find it interesting.


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High Style Is What You Make It

Tony Duquette, John Pawson and Cy Twombly - Disparate Yet Comparable


DeBeistegui Paris apartment


There once was a trinity of high style, Le Corbusier, Emilio Terry and Charles De Beistegui, who created one of the most unusual and surreal collaborations in design history with the Parisian apartment for De Beistegui.

I ask how would anyone top that today?  Or why would anyone even attempt to?  That being said, it is one of the great moments in the annals of decorative arts.  The melding of the flamboyant taste of De Beistegui with the stark, sculptural architecture of Le Corbusier, and the whimsically garish furnishings designed by Emilio Terry all explode onto the serene and stately 8th arrondissement of Paris.   It must have been viewed as shocking at the time.

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‘The New Guard’

Michael Kao of San Francisco's MAK Studio


I’ve heard it said that designing successful minimalist space takes more effort than any other stylistic genre.  When structure and surface elements stand alone, they must be carefully chosen, and artfully arranged by someone who understands them intimately.  There are a few dozen architects and interior designers who do it masterfully.  A few weeks ago I was introduced to the work of Michael Kao of MAK Studio, who is most certainly among their ranks.

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Master Class: S Russell Groves

Defining Modern Glamour

Tiffany & Co.     Shanghai, China

S Russell Groves, the architect behind Tiffany & Co.‘s incredibly successful visual re-boot, is as charming, elegant and understated as the wares of the luxury retailer.  It’s no wonder he was tapped to be the creative vision for 5 of the firms recent additions.  We met through a mutual friend and fellow alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design at the turn of the millennium.  Seeing how it’s been several years since we’ve crossed paths, I decided to stop by his office last Friday to catch up.  I’d freely admit that aside from slightly grayer temples – and a smattering of silver in his signature scruff – he hasn’t aged a day.  His design aesthetic on the other hand continues to evolve as the benchmark of American restrained glamour.  We talked over coffee about his design process and his vertically integrated approach to creating space.

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