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High Style Is What You Make It

Tony Duquette, John Pawson and Cy Twombly - Disparate Yet Comparable


DeBeistegui Paris apartment


There once was a trinity of high style, Le Corbusier, Emilio Terry and Charles De Beistegui, who created one of the most unusual and surreal collaborations in design history with the Parisian apartment for De Beistegui.

I ask how would anyone top that today?  Or why would anyone even attempt to?  That being said, it is one of the great moments in the annals of decorative arts.  The melding of the flamboyant taste of De Beistegui with the stark, sculptural architecture of Le Corbusier, and the whimsically garish furnishings designed by Emilio Terry all explode onto the serene and stately 8th arrondissement of Paris.   It must have been viewed as shocking at the time.

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