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Master Class: S Russell Groves

Defining Modern Glamour

Tiffany & Co.     Shanghai, China

S Russell Groves, the architect behind Tiffany & Co.‘s incredibly successful visual re-boot, is as charming, elegant and understated as the wares of the luxury retailer.  It’s no wonder he was tapped to be the creative vision for 5 of the firms recent additions.  We met through a mutual friend and fellow alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design at the turn of the millennium.  Seeing how it’s been several years since we’ve crossed paths, I decided to stop by his office last Friday to catch up.  I’d freely admit that aside from slightly grayer temples – and a smattering of silver in his signature scruff – he hasn’t aged a day.  His design aesthetic on the other hand continues to evolve as the benchmark of American restrained glamour.  We talked over coffee about his design process and his vertically integrated approach to creating space.

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