New York City Art Gallery Openings

Fall & Winter 2013


Munch Gallery Opening    Photo Courtesy of Jon Nalley


As the season heats up in anticipation of the spectacle that Miami Art Basel offers, I thought it would be the appropriate time to share a few of my personal picks of the best new shows at some of my favorite New York City galleries.


With all of the parties, dinners, and soirées that will be taking place in and around South Beach in seven weeks, it’s easy to forget the real reason why MAB exists.  It can be quite a circus, and I prefer to leisurely stroll through a gallery’s halls to soak in the essence of an artist’s work.

That’s what I plan to be doing in New York City in the coming weeks, and these are the shows I’m anticipating for the depth of intellect and imaginative journey each artist is known for taking us on. Make the time to visit the galleries to view first hand these expressive works.



‘The Susquehanna’   Photography by Adam Katseff

First on my list is photographer Adam Katseff’s first solo exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery, located on the Lower East Side.  Adam’s photographs  are highly evocative of the psychological intermingling of spacial experiences in a minimal way, to allow the participant to utilize their imagination to tell the hidden story – completely personal and of any given moment.  The title of the show is “In The Course Of Time“, and it opens on October 30th and will run until January 12th.


CJ Dellatore Shirazeh Houshiary Lehman Maupin

‘Vertigo’ by Shirazeh Houshiary

Lehmann Maupin always presents progressive minded artists that provoke the psyche of the art aficionado.  New work by Shirazeh Houshiary will be on view at the Chrystie Street location beginning on October 30th and run until December 28th. The title of her show is “The Eye Fell In Love With The Ear” which will include paintings, sculpture, and animation.  Her work is all about the meditative experience – through the visualization of her work’s message, translated to the viewer through her use of color, light and line.


CJ Dellatore Marepe Anton Kern

‘Untitled’ by Marepe

The Anton Kern Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Marepe.  A group of six sculptures made of everyday objects assembled with formality – yet possessing of a poetic message.  Each piece holds layers of references that add to their complexity, exploring the relationship between society and the individual.  Commonplace components such as brooms, bicycles, buckets and the like all add to the sensory interaction that each sculpture portrays to the audience.  The show will open on October 25th and run until December 14th.


CJ Dellatore Lori Nix Clampart

‘Anatomy Classroom’ by Lori Nix

And finally is a second solo exhibition for Lori Nix at ClampArt.  Lori creates amazingly detailed dioramas depicting post-apocalyptic scenes after the humans are all gone.  Meticulously executed, they are then photographed with a large format camera to create eerie and prophetically serene tableaux for the viewer.  Nine large-scale prints will be on display.  These works are part of an ongoing series entitled “The City” and appear to be the culmination of this body of work which has a chronological presence from 2005 through the present.  This show opened this past Thursday and will be running until November 16th.


Of course there are many more wonderful artists and presentations that will be showcased in the coming weeks in New York City.  To partake of the delights and curiosities that galleries have to offer, check out to see a full listing of this season’s shows!


Written by Carl Lana