Veiled Influence

gossamer runway and the return of sheers

Carolina Herrara

Gone are the days of de rigueur voile curtains behind interlined panels, and most of us are glad of it.  The truth is curtains as we know them have changed radically in the last quarter century – due in part to mass marketed hard treatments, the popularity of roman shades, and window films that control UV.   I also have a theory that the way we live in the Google age of the 21st century, with the world ever more transparent, is changing the way we dress (women more than men) and decorate. Doesn’t it make sense that fashions fascination with over-exposure rages on?

During my days as a curtain workroom owner, I had occasion to work with many interior design creatives who culled inspiration from the boutiques of Madison Ave.   Last night while joyously clicking through the Fashion Week collections on I began to think about how the many peek-a-boo frocks might be re-envisioned as window decoration.

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Fashion Fusion

mix and match by yours truely


It’s fashion week in New York and I’m wondering – am I the only person that quietly imagines the possible mash-ups between fashions latest arbiters and the luminaries of interior design?  I spent part of last evening reviewing the collections of the day on (my not-so-secret internet vice.)  Of course it would be hard to say that an interior designer was directly influenced by a fashion designer, or vice-versa, but I like to ponder the possibilities.

Here are my picks for the best fashions from today’s runway shows, and the women of the interior design industry I’d like to dress in them.  Who knows, I might have a career in personal shopping.  These combinations have me imagining a Bergdorf GoodmanBarney’s New YorkSaks Fifth Avenue marathon, with architectural drawings, a scale ruler, and a bag full of swatches in hand.

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