The Museum At FIT: Trend-ology

exploring the origins of fashion themes


This week the Museum at FIT (one of the truly under-visited museums in the city) opened an exhibition titled 'Trend-ology', which investigates the diverse sources from which fashion friends have emerged over the past 250 years.....

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Veiled Influence

gossamer runway and the return of sheers

Carolina Herrara

Gone are the days of de rigueur voile curtains behind interlined panels, and most of us are glad of it.  The truth is curtains as we know them have changed radically in … Continue Reading ››

Fashion Fusion

mix and match by yours truely


It's fashion week in New York and I'm wondering - am I the only person that quietly imagines the possible mash-ups between fashions latest arbiters and the luminaries of interior design?  I spent part of last evening reviewing the … Continue Reading ››