Fashion Fusion

mix and match by yours truely


It’s fashion week in New York and I’m wondering – am I the only person that quietly imagines the possible mash-ups between fashions latest arbiters and the luminaries of interior design?  I spent part of last evening reviewing the collections of the day on (my not-so-secret internet vice.)  Of course it would be hard to say that an interior designer was directly influenced by a fashion designer, or vice-versa, but I like to ponder the possibilities.

Here are my picks for the best fashions from today’s runway shows, and the women of the interior design industry I’d like to dress in them.  Who knows, I might have a career in personal shopping.  These combinations have me imagining a Bergdorf GoodmanBarney’s New YorkSaks Fifth Avenue marathon, with architectural drawings, a scale ruler, and a bag full of swatches in hand.


Lisa Perry and Kay Douglass

New to the Lincoln Center campus is Lisa Perry, who says that “…over many years I developed a passion for clothing and art from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. People had such a strong reaction to my vintage wardrobe that I decided to start designing my own line, inspired by that groundbreaking era. My design aesthetic is always grounded in clean lines, geometric shapes, bold colors and minimalism.”  Seems a perfect paring for the Atlanta-based Kay Douglass, who’s uber-crisp fascination with white punctuated by a jolt of color calls to mind Perry’s graphic approach to dressing.


Escada and Katie Leede

It appears that the ‘Dynasty Shoulder’ days of Escada are finally behind the fabled fashion house, replaced by a slightly more subdued silhouette.  That’s not to say that the designs are tame – it’s that the level of sophistication has gone up  while the in-your-face sex kitten has left the building.  When I saw this watercolor-esque horizontal print dress I thought about Katie Leede who says “my goal is to create magical places where time stands still and her clients love to be.”


Juan Carlos Obando and Sherrill Canet

I’d like to be the woman in this dress, at a candle-lit dinner party in this room., and at my age drag isn’t pretty.   Juan Carlo Obando‘s prints this season were based on sketches he did as a graphic designer ten years ago of zoomed-in fish scales and feathers.  Sherrill Canet‘s interiors consistently surprise with a glamorous mix of the old, the new, and the unexpected.  Toss back another glass of rose champagne!


Organic by John Patrick and Julie Hillman

I suppose this one seems obvious, but paring things back to the minimal with clean lines, and maintaining a neutral color palate, is not easy to do consistently – in fashion or interiors.  John Patrick, as in seasons past, seems to be reveling in the austere – and Julie Hillman has made a career of it.  Show-stoppers!


Those are my musing for today.  I’d like to make something perfectly clear… I expect a commission from any-and-all sales born of this post.  And remember, while not all of us can afford fashion, we can all afford style.

Spring 2013    September 6 ~ 13, 2012    Mercedes Benz Pavilion/Lincoln Center    New York