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Unika Vaev Boucle

Boucle is first a novelty yarn, produced by spinning two threads of different tensions together.  While keeping one thread taught, and allowing the second to remain loose, loops of slight variation form along the strand.  Boucle as a fabric is made by weaving a common uniform warp thread with the filler weft being the boucle yarn.  Solid colored boucles have monochromatic warp and weft, while multi-colored boucles incorporated several different colored weft threads.  It’s almost impossible to talk about boucle with any authority and not mention Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

In the late 1950’s Coco introduced boucle for her skirt suits, and the fashion industry had an instant staple.  Copied and emulated by scores of apparel designers, boucle remains a recurring element around the globe.  It took little time for the interior design community to embrace boucles.  “Beefed up” versions manufactured with heavier guage fibers in tighter density became popular in the early 60’s as upholstery fabrics; prized for durability as well as high style.  My favorite multicolored boucle in the marketplace today… “Giverny” (available in 9 colorways) from Unika Vaev, located within the ICF Group showroom at 22nd and Broadway in NYC (or from a showroom in practically every state in the Union, Canada, and points elsewhere).  Follow the links for more info.

Unika Vaev “Giverny” #604-64 Cypress, Brown/Olive/Tan 65% acrylic 25% cotton 10% polyester   $80.00 per yard


Unika Vaev “Giverny” #604-21 Irises, Orange/Lavender/Ta  65% acrylic 25% cotton 10% polyester   $80.00 per yard