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Takohl Jewelry

Inspired designs from a heartland native

CJ Dellatore Kohl Treasure Ring

14 kt White Gold and Pink Sapphire ‘Treasure’ Ring


A few weeks ago I was in NYC for a friend’s birthday dinner, and seated next to me was a woman with the most beautiful engagement ring and wedding band on her finger.  When I complimented her she told me everything she was wearing was from jewelry designer Tammy Kohl of Takohl Jewelry in Chicago.  The engagement ring was inspired by an antique piece from the 1920’s that her fiancé at the time took to Takohl, and the band split opened like a bagel, and had engraving on the inside.

When I got home I Googled Takohl Jewelry and discovered many amazing things about Tammy. The split ‘Treasure’ ring is a patented design, and she also coined the term ‘regemeration’ – which she has a copyright for – where by she takes any ring and reworks it to look newer and more modern.  I also learned that she commits a great deal of time to philanthropic work.

I called the company’s offices, and asked to speak with her.  We had a spirited chat about her most recent collection, and what inspires her unique designs.


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