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“POV” ~ Mary Douglas Drysdale

the inspiration she draws from the life of Thomas Jefferson

The doors to the worlds of architecture, interior design and landscape design as I understand them were opened to me as a child by the genius of Thomas Jefferson.  He was not only a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but also America’s architect president and founder of the University of Virginia.  His home, Monticello, at the top of a small mountain near Charlottesville, was my first encounter with a great and historic house.

My childhood recollections of Jefferson’s Monticello are many.  It was quite a bit nicer than my family home.  I can also remember marveling over the many clever structural ideas, including the wine trolley, and the bed which straddled two rooms with a closet above.  The typical out-buildings were ingeniously concealed within the retaining walls.  As for the furnishings, Jefferson’s taste was eclectic, some from France mixed in with American.  And there were skylights, and lovely colors.  I used to dream of riding to Monticello on a horse, a perfect world unto itself.

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