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McMillen Inc. 2013

Master Class with Ann Pyne, the firm's current President

House BeautifulHouse Beautiful February 2013    Decoration by Ann Pyne of McMillen, for her mother, Betty Sherill


McMillen, Inc. was founded in 1924 by Mrs. Drury McMillen, a young married woman from St. Louis who’d moved to New York City.   She operated out of her townhouse at 148 East 55th Street, selling 18th century furniture sent to her from Europe by William Odom, who was then the head of the Paris Atelier of the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts.

In 1972, Betty Sherrill assumed the President’s chair for the firm from Mrs. McMillen, and held that position until 2000.   In that year, Luis A. Rey (who had joined the firm in 1972) took the helm.  Ann Pyne (Mrs. Sherrill’s daughter) succeeded Mr. Rey in assuming the role.

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Ms. Pyne.  We discussed the home she recently decorated for her mother (featured in this months House Beautiful), interior decoration in the age of the internet, and her fondness for Clarence House fabrics.  She also shared a few of her favorite resources. (That’s a cue to open Evernote!)

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