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Master Class: Matthew Patrick Smyth

An American in Paris


“Rooms are not theater sets, and design is not about making fiction come to life.  Rooms should express the needs and personalities of the people who live in them now.” ~MPS


I really lament the disappearance of bricks and mortar shopping, most especially bookstores. Spending several hours riding the escalators between floors and disciplines at Barnes & Noble on Saturday was the norm for me.  Two weekends ago I was upstate visiting some friends, and I noticed Matthew Patrick Smyth’s book ‘Living Traditions‘ on an ottoman.  I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen it… furthermore I hadn’t seen him since we were introduced by an editor years ago.  The pages and prose are an amazing account of his life’s experiences in interior design.  Reading it prompted me to stop by his office to congratulate him on it’s publication.

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