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Purchasing An Antique Persian Tabriz

a conversation with Nader Bolour of Doris Leslie Blau


“Searching for an antique rug is where the design process begins for most.   They are the soul of a room, all the other elements of a well-appointed space are there to celebrate it.”

-Nader Bolour


Doris Leslie Blau married into the antique rug business and opened her eponymous gallery in 1965.  While many in the industry chose rugs based on provenance, she selected the rugs for her collection based on their rarity, uniqueness and beauty – and her firm’s clientele knew it.  In 1998, she went into semi-retirement, selling the gallery to Nader Bolour, but only after spending years teaching him the fine art of vetting acquisitions equal to her standards.   Our Design Editor Carl Lana and I stopped in to learn about some of the characteristics attributed to a fine Persian Tabriz.

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Off The Beaten Path

innovative rug design, fiber content & construction techniques

‘Tabriz Canal Aerial’ from the Erased Heritage Collection by Jan Kath

Design professionals are always looking for the new and exciting in products, services and vendors.  With that in mind I set out on a quest last week to find some unusual floor covering.  I visited a dozen showrooms & ateliers, and found a handful of rugs I think are industry standouts.

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Soho Spotlight

Analisse Taft of ALT for Living

Screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-8.51.55-AMThe Soho of my youth has changed from bohemian artist colony to cobblestone’d Rodeo Drive, and seeing as I personally can’t afford to shop at Chanel, I don’t often find myself there.  That said, last week an acquaintance told me about ALT for Living – a showroom on Greene Street that had somehow escaped my radar.  Yesterday I ventured south to meet Analisse Taft, ALT for Living‘s owner/curator, and to see her collection.  It turned out to be a very exciting and worthwhile trip.

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Master of Illusion

David Amini ~ Beauvais Carpets

When Beauvais Carpet moved from their showroom on 57th and 3rd to its current space at 595 Madison a decade ago, people gasped.   Re-locating from the area considered the epicenter of New York interior design to a building monopolized by Madison Avenue’s high end art galleries seemed questionable to everyone except David Amini, Beauvais‘s owner.  Mr. Amini, along with his associate Stephen Haproff spent an hour with me detailing how connecting carpet and fine art makes perfect sense. Continue reading