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Business & Design: New York Design Week 2013

Craftsmanship, Social Media, & Accepting Instability

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If you live in or were visiting New York City during Mayor Bloomberg’s first NYC Design Week last week you were likely barraged with visual stimulus in much the same way I was.  I saw new collections at countless showrooms and furnishing galleries, I attended the D&D Building‘s Spring Market event (a freshman effort deftly organized by the building’s new Director of Marketing Kate Jerde) and spent an afternoon at the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  And while I am always interested in the product, I like to comb through the philosophy of the weeks offerings to get a pulse on the business of the design industry.

I’ve made three observations I’d like to share.

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Business & Design: The Commodity Trap

Picasso's lesson for design professionals

PPPablo Picasso photographed Gjon Mili for Life Magazine, 1949


A few years back I read an anecdote about a woman in Paris, and her chance encounter with Pablo Picasso.  I’d like to recount it for you for two reasons: first because I’m a fan of Picasso’s work, and second because it points out the very real distinction between a commonplace commodity, and the work of a talented creative individual.

Now with all due respect to Picasso, I’m not attempting to compare interior design to his body of work, but the story illustrates a complicated issue for the design community in our post recession, increasingly e-commerce driven economy – design being perceived as a commodity.

Here’s the story.

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