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Incorporating Art Into Interiors

it's not just for hanging on walls anymore

CJ Dellatore Tony Duquette

Interior by Tony Duquette


In my opinion, the notion that art is a precious entity to be relegated to being hung on the wall is far too limiting.  Tony Duquette understood this axiom as early as the 1940’s.

What is it that makes something a work of art, and how do we (or better yet how should we) live with and experience art in our daily lives?  And can a table or a lamp be considered art?  I say yes.

In my ongoing search for incredible furnishings that are above the cut I look for pieces that transcend their purpose and becomes an object of beauty.  And though the sticker price can often be trés cher, the appreciation and desire to elevate the aura of any living space should be the goal of the designer.

Let’s look at a few examples of furniture that I feel meet the criteria to be considered as ‘art furniture’.

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