‘See And Be Seen’ March 2013

Bailey House Celebrates 30 Years With A Bang

Bailey HouseHarlan Bratcher, CEO of A/X Armani Exchange, Gina Quattrochi, Wendy Williams & Alan Cumming Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan


Bailey House celebrated their 30th Anniversary Thursday evening with quite the shindig.  For the first time ever, they hosted an awards dinner where they honored a number of organizations and individuals who were there at the beginning of the crusade against AIDS, and the discrimination/fear that ensued.  The night was a splendid and star-studded tribute to these heroes.  I was proud to be in attendance and to share in the revelry.

Alan Cumming was honored for his personal commitment to the cause and all that he has done for Bailey House, and other related organizations that work within the community to support people with HIV/AIDS.  

Harlan Bratcher, President and CEO of A/X Armani Exchange, received an honor for the contributions that his company have made to the community as well.

The official tally isn’t in as of my writing this post, but my sources tell me that they raised upwards of half a million dollars, which would be a record for a single event for Bailey House. Needless to say Regina Quattrochi (CEO of Bailey House) and her dedicated staff are elated.

Special thanks must go out to the Co-Chairs of the evening, Alan Tanksley and John Eason, who both worked tirelessly to achieve a most successful event.  Their committee and vice chairs made great efforts to bring a heightened visibility and awareness to a cause that not only helps gay men but also children and men and women of color.

What touched me most was seeing so many types of people in attendance.  Young, old, straight, gay, society and just regular folks, all mingled and rubbed elbows like they only can in New York City.

The auctions were by far the most impressive that I have seen for this event since I first became involved seven years ago.  There were works by celebrated artists, Hunt Slonem, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mark Beard, and Andres Serrano just to name a few.  To take a look at the roster of auction items, click here.  Great strides have been made in elevating the quality of donations to the auctions, and the recognition that is being garnered here is most impressive.  Besides the audience being star-studded, so was the press (only in New York  are the press as famous as the guests).


Here is a short montage of photos to give a glimpse of how the evening transpired.


Alan Cumming with Live Auction item donated by Liza Minnelli, photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan


David Gomez Pearlberg, Fashion Designer and donor and John Eason, Interior Designer and Co-Chair


Amy Fine Collins, Contributing Editor Vanity Fair


Lina Bradford, Celebrity DJ and Paul Donzella, Vintage Dealer and Committee Member


Patrick Hamilton, Blogger and Interior Designer and Dwayne Clark, Interior Designer


Richard Frazier, Furniture Designer and Laura Kirar, Interior Designer


Vyna St Phard, Design Blogger and Barbara Viteri of Viteri Style Management


David Raper, VP Housing Works Thrift Shops


Member of the ‘Imperial Court’


Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord, Stars of Reality TV and Authors, and Me


Jim Fairfax, Interior Designer and Yuzima Phiip, Musician


Deliriously delicious dessert selections


Alan Tanksley, Interior Designer and Co-Chair and Jane Pauley, photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan


Many thanks go out to all of our readers who have supported this organization.

I welcome you to join us at the next great event, Design On A Dime, on April 25th, 2013, benefitting Housing Works Thrift Shops.


Written by Carl Lana