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Ochre ~Convex Mirror

115-0009_ochre_circular_mirror_with_convex_glass_105 Ochre “Convex” mirror,  41″ diameter.  Available in black, brown, and putty

With some research, I learned that mirrors date back to the late 12th / early 13th century.  At that time Venice was regarded as the center of high quality mirror production, but by 1650 mirror making was practiced extensively in London and Paris as well.  Convex mirrors first appeared around 1700, simultaneously with elaborately carved and gilded circular frames.  The English were the first to incorporate eagles for mirror ornamentation, seen as a symbol of strength and independence, which would explain it being adopted by early American’s in their frames.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re not surprised by my fascination with pure simplistic design. I’m enamored with clean lines and refined shapes.  Ochre‘s “Convex” mirror falls squarely into that category.  The British based design firm denotes their work as “the embodiment of contemporary, chic and understated glamour”, which this mirror surely is.  Perhaps in a nod to historically ornate frames, this mirrors rim is painted with alternating coats of gesso and bole (earthen pigments mixed with gelatin and glue) and finally burnished to a luster.  The frames sheen echoes the reflection of the glass, a beautiful paring.  There’s something magical in the expanded peripheral scope convex mirrors afford, essentially showing an entire room in a single glance.   This mirror is a must have.


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