Laurie Laizure Talks Google+

5 reasons why it's the most important social network for 2014



My Facebook friend, and fellow design aficionado Laurie Laizure has a much better understanding of the merits of Google+ than I, and as such I asked her to pen a guest post on the subject so we all could benefit from her knowledge.

She graciously agreed.  I think you’ll find it what she had to share both enlightening and informative.


Google+ is the most important social network right now.

Let me hold on a second while that sinks in…. sounds drastic, doesn’t it?  Mind-blowing, really.  But is it true?  I will give you 5 reasons why this author thinks it is.



Don’t know what authorship is yet?  Authorship links your Google+ personal profile to your writing and your writing back to your Google+ profile (learn more by following this link.)  It says, yes, I wrote that and this two-way link confirms it.  But why is authorship so important?  Well, you want to get credit for your work, don’t you?  Google also wants to know who the authorities are.

Though not in effect on Google searches now, it is widely believed that it soon will be.  If you are always writing about design or cooking or fashion, Google can see that you might be an expert on that subject.  The more people like, share, and interact with your writing, the more Google may see your content should be elevated in Google search.  That is an impact that will last.



One of the things I like most about Google+ is circles.  Circles are like folders where you add contacts. You can have hundreds of circles, and they can be names whatever you want (and no one besides you sees what they are named).

For friends, you might want a folder for Good Friends, Acquaintances, of Business Contacts.  You name your circles and add to them however you see fit.  Now comes the fabulous part.  You share to the people you choose IN EVERY POST.  Share to one person, one circle, all your circles, or make the post public.  What you share (and to whom you share it) is totally controlled by you. Want to make a post about your wonderful day at the beach – but you don’t want to boss to see because you called in sick? Easy!  Share the post with your friends and family circles.  Want to share a post with just colleagues and co-workers on some hot new trend in your industry?  Add those circles and share. When we share posts today, we almost already know who it will interest.  The control is easily in your hands with every post you make on Google+.  Here’s a link to a very simple step-by-step explanation of exactly how to manage circles.



Google Hangouts are just about the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Hangouts is a stand-alone app in which you can text chat (or video chat) in an instant with one person or up to 10 people at once privately.  Have face to face meetings with colleagues, or chat with your far-away friends and relatives with this easy-to-use platform.

Hangouts have tons of built in features and more to be added as time goes on, allowing you to stay in touch with the people who mean so much to you.  And if you want to gain exposure and make more money from your website use Hangouts ON AIR to interview clients or experts in your industry, shoot instructional videos and tutorials, and more.  Connect your YouTube channel and videos will be saved there.  Did you know that a 2009 Forrester study found that video content is 53 TIMES more likely to rank on the first page of Google? Hardly a wonder when Google owns YouTube, the second largest search engine (after Google Search) in the world.

Additionally, Marketing Sherpa, one of the leading market research firms reported that posting videos regularly to your website will add 200% to 300% more unique visitors.  With this huge data, what are you waiting for? Start making videos with Hangout ON AIR now.



Last November, Google+ released Communities.  The hope was to have places where like-minds could share information in groups.  It has come a long way since then, and communities have become one of my favorite features on Google+.

From cooking to photography to interior design – find your tribe of like-minded peeps.  Ask questions, share content and engage with people who are into the same things you are.  Communities is a place that is just FULL of people you may want to add to your circles and make in-depth connections with.



All of the above reasons are fantastic – and why I love engaging on Google+.   But I still want my business and my blog to get ranked, and to gain exposure through Google search.  I think authorship and author rank will really help your search results in the future, but what about now?

It is proven that Personal Profiles, Communities, Categories in Communities (and even individual posts) all have page rank value RIGHT NOW on Google+.  What this means for you is that posts you create and share publicly can be found on Google search.  Posts you make in communities can be found in Google search.  You can build your personal profile all the way up to a PRV of 6 with engagement from high-profile Google+ people.  This will help you, and help your blog or business to be seen RIGHT NOW in Google search, and will increase your exposure.


Pretty overwhelming, huh?

I think it is safe to say that YES, Google+ is the most important social network for 2014.  So, brush off your profile, and add all your links.  And while you are at it, circle me.


Written by Laurie Laizure

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