Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Journalists need to remain neutral so folks can make up their own minds on the information being presented.  With that in mind I’ve not written this post in judgement of anyone’s attempts at enterprise.  I’ve written it because I’ve got a question I’d like you to weigh in on.

Is it a good idea for a well known interior designer to set up a website on which anyone, anywhere can purchase products typically available only ‘to the trade’?

It isn’t a new idea, it’s been done on a smaller scale before.  This week Jamieshop.com went live with more than 400 vendors represented, which is a major change.  Below is a ‘cut and paste’ of the ‘HOW IT WORKS’ explanation.  Pay attention to the text in red.


AS a client of JAMIESHOP.COM, you can rely on the same quality and level of customer service that Jamie Herzlinger Interiors has built their reputation on. These services would include the how to’s of purchasing and having the confidence that every step of the way, we are working with you on your behalf.

JAMIESHOP.COM takes care of all of the logistics when ordering your furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers, accessories and everything else This would include:

Ordering fabrics, and receiving samples and the production samples known as cuttings for approvals, or CFA’S, to insure that what you order is what you receive

The orchestration, that once the fabric is approved, of getting the fabric to either the company working with the fabric to upholster a piece for you, or sending the fabric directly to you for a project you may be doing on your own

Once we coordinate the fabric getting to the next place, for instance, the upholstery manufacturer, we will work with you on getting a sample of the furniture legs and making sure that is the color you selected

From there, JAMIESHOP.COM will work with White Glove on arranging the shipping and how the piece is to be delivered.  Sometimes this would entail crating or blanket wrapping

Not to worry, as a client of JAMIESHOP.COM we are with you from inception to installation!


If you know what item you are looking for, request a quote from our ordering department.  Once a quote request is acknowledged, you will receive a quote for your item(s) within 48 business hours.  Your itemized quote will include manufacturer’s price, our 25% fee, estimated shipping charges, and sales tax (if applicable).  Quotes are valid for 20 days.



Jamie Herzlinger Interiors has over 20 years of trusted relationships with over 400 of the top “to the trade only” manufacturers.  Through JAMIESHOP.COM’s Manufacturers Resource Directory, feel free to click on a manufacturer of  interest. You will be taken to their website to browse through their products. Request a quote, once you find the item you are looking for.  If you need any suggestions, just ask us! We are here to help!

*Some manufacturers websites have security and require a log in and password. Simply email our customer service department, customerservice@jamieshop.com, and we will promptly send you that information.

Good, Bad, or Ugly?