Content Creation vs Content Curation

Striking the balance on your Facebook business fan page

CJ Dellatore Content Balance…………………………

If you’re only posting pictures from your portfolio, products from your showroom collection, or blog posts you’ve written on your Facebook business page, you’re missing an opportunity to round out your brand message.

Adding curated content to the mix – in essence striking a balance between content that you create, and content you curate from a carefully chosen list of sources, can more effectively tell your story, and help you avoid looking like a spammer.

I’ve come up with a simple formula that you might find helpful…

share-keyboard3It’s very simple, for every status update on your Facebook business fan page you create, share one blog post or image from a content source that it synergistic with your brand, or that underscores your brand message.

Let me give you an example;

Take Mark Cravotta, a talented interior designer based in Austin, Texas, who’s working to establish a social media footprint on his Facebook business page.

On his personal Facebook page, I’d recommend he follow or ‘like’ a half-dozen Facebook fan pages that relate to the world of high-end interior design: like How To Spend It, T Magazine, Architectural Digest, The World Of Interiors, The Editor At Large, and Remodelista.

Further, I’d suggest he spend a few minutes each weekday morning scanning his personal Facebook page newsfeed for interesting content from those 6 sources, and to choose one story or image to share on his business page.

The net result of this simple exercise would be more than 500 updates on Mark’s Facebook business page a year – more than enough content for the page to be current, relevant and dynamic.


Does the jumping between personal pages and business pages sound confusing?  It’s not.

The fact is you can’t share content from a business page you follow directly to another business page (in this case your own.)  You can however open a link to a post that shows up in your personal newsfeed (which always happens in a new tab), then copy the link onto your business page newsfeed.

In doing this every morning – combining one piece of content you’ve created – an image of your work, or a blog post for example, with and one piece of content you’ve curated from one of the six pages you’ve chosen to follow, you’re able to tell a more complete story about your place in the world of interior design, in under 10 minutes a day.


CJ Dellatore