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I’m going to make a confession.  My Google Reader RSS feed is chock full of links to all the interior design blogs, but they’re not the most important blogs I read.  I start my day with a cup of strong coffee, and the daily posts of 6 business blogs that I think every interior design professional needs to read to succeed.

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Jamieshop Responds

Jamie Herzlinger's response to the criticism of her new online store

I received an email from Jamie Herzlinger, owner of the new, in which she explains why she feels her new e-commerce site is good for the interior design industry.  In line with my first post about the company, I’m not drawing any conclusions, but believe she should have the opportunity to share her thoughts.

Jamie also told me in an email that she has the express permission of every vendor to sell their products on her platform.


Here’s her verbatim response;


C.J., I  am so sad to think that you became so vociferous in regards to my new company which can only help the design industry.  With the advent of shelter publications, the end user has become quite adroit at being able to design their own interiors and what they are lacking is the ability to purchase from to the trade only.  This fact has left the end user with having to hire an interior designer whereby they must have contracts, pay hourly and be committed to a contract when all they wanted was one or a few pieces of furniture.

With the help of gorgeous publications like AD, Elle, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, the client can figure out a lot.  This web site is geared towards a DIY client.  There is no difference.  I find it very suspect that you would be so vocal without ever having the respect to call me directly.  I do hope you at least have the courtesy to publish my response to your attack.  and i do hope that all of those you are trying to influence in a negative way understand that JAMIESHOP.COM is not undermining any fee structure of any interior designer .

There is no difference to having an online buying service to facilitate  purchases then there is to a design center opening to the public, such as the LADC or the Chicago Design Center or the thought that is in the work the D and D.
I do hope you take a moment to read through and do contact me with any questions.  

Kind Regards, Jamie Herzlinger

Lifestyle Driven Design

Master Class with Philip Gorrivan


“Every room I design has a soul… and that soul is discovered in the alchemy between me and my clients.”


I had the pleasure of meeting Philip Gorrivan in 2007, the year he’d created the opulent blue and green dining room in the HC&G Hampton’s idea house.  It was in the course of our first conversation that summer that he explained his modus operandi regarding interior design.  At lunch last week he told me his design process hasn’t changed, and why he thinks it’s so successful.

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Tight-Seat or Loose-Cushion?

upholstery advise from Emily Nomer of Manzanares Furniture

Photo courtesy Jim Fairfax of Fairfax Studio


I was with several members of my ‘design posse‘ recently.   We got into a discussion about the merits of tight-seat and loose-cushion upholstery.  Seeing as I’ve owned an upholstery workroom, I have some definitive ideas on the subject, but I decided to get the opinion of some experts with more experience to see if I might learn something new.

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D&D Building Fall Market

Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussions & Events



I’ve been invited to join the group of bloggers who’ll be covering the events at this years Fall Market at New York’s D&D building.  The link above has the entire list of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and showroom events, so you can plan your attendance schedule.  If you’re not in NYC, I’ll be doing my best to report back here on the blog.  It’s my plan to set up an outpost in the building on Wednesday and Thursday October 10th-11th.

If you’re planning on attending any of the events, please leave a comment below and I’ll make my best effort to connect.   If you’re not able to attend., please review the itinerary – and if there’s something of particular interest you’d like me to attend, let me know.  This is your opportunity to let me help you get involved.


You can also follow me on social media – Personal Facebook, Facebook Business Page, and Twitter for up-to-the-minute dispatches (and I’ll be responding in real time.)

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Down to the Wire

attention to the smallest details

A few years back I was involved in a loft installation, for which I’d designed and manufactured the curtains.  As the day progressed, and elevator after elevator of furnishings arrived, things began to take shape nicely.  I’m going to leave out all the names, but suffice it to say this was a well-known designer at a swanky Soho address.  In the end, just about everything looked great, except for the plastic wire coming from 2 tripod floor lamps (incidentally from an equally swanky, equally well-known Italian fashion designers collection of home furnishings).  I may be knit-picking here, but as they say, the devil is in the details.

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Master Class: Amy Lau

And her new book, Expressive Modern


“Nature is a friend and teacher who continues to inform my interior design work every day.”


Growing up in Northern Arizona, Amy Lau spent a great deal of time in an expansive back yard called the desert – riding her horse and being awestruck by nature.  Last week we visited in her glamorous Starett Lehigh loft, and she explained how the proximity to multicolored clay, expansive cloud formations, and sinuous tumbleweeds started her down a path that would lead to the interiors she creates in the canyons of Manhattan.

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Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Journalists need to remain neutral so folks can make up their own minds on the information being presented.  With that in mind I’ve not written this post in judgement of anyone’s attempts at enterprise.  I’ve written it because I’ve got a question I’d like you to weigh in on.

Is it a good idea for a well known interior designer to set up a website on which anyone, anywhere can purchase products typically available only ‘to the trade’?

It isn’t a new idea, it’s been done on a smaller scale before.  This week went live with more than 400 vendors represented, which is a major change.  Below is a ‘cut and paste’ of the ‘HOW IT WORKS’ explanation.  Pay attention to the text in red.

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