Sleeping Elevated To An Art Form

The Sleep Studio opens on Wooster Street in Soho



Two weeks ago I caught a blurb in The New York Times about The Sleep Studio, which just opened on Wooster Street in Soho.  The store’s concept intrigued me so I called to see if I might visit to learn more about it.

The firm’s owner Michael Rothbard, and their Creative Director Susan Burks graciously took time out of their busy schedules yesterday to give me a guided tour of the beautifully designed, ‘Zen-meets-Italia’ store.  And while I was first struck by the attention to detail in the 3700 square foot space – I soon learned there’s much more than meets the eye in this carefully crafted luxury shopping emporium.

CJ Dellatore The Sleep Studio 2

As a design professional you’ll appreciate the travertine floor pared with dark walnut shelving, the airy sensibility afforded by the mile-high ceiling, and the details that abound (check the 4 moons wallpaper created for the store by the boys at Flavor Paper).  Everywhere you’ll find chic packaging tied up with branded 4 moon gros grain ribbon.  The details are at once reserved and elegant.

The studio itself is arrange into 4 quadrants, in a clockwise fashion, representing the 4 periods of the day they associate with sleep.

Awaken is the corner of the store devoted to (you guessed it) the moments just after you wake up: with scented candles, dapper shaving supplies, and signature teas.  Refresh is a collection of more luxurious soaps and tonics.  Relax is dedicated to the pre-slumber moments spent in understated lingerie and boxer shorts for the sexier side of sleep.  And finally Dream, which makes up the lion’s share of the stores wares – has everything from supremely understated luxurious sheets, bedding, pillows, and throws (check out the waffle weave Oyuna Tundra Throw, perhaps my favorite item in the store.)

While chatting I asked Michael to give me a synopsis of his vision for The Sleep Studio.  Here’s what he shared with me; “Our goal is to provide our customers with the ability to create beautiful sleeping environments that are highly personalized and empowering.  When we say, “sleep beautifully”, we mean it in every sense of the word.  It is a transcendent beauty that comes from the intersection of comfort, design and craftsmanship.”

And speaking of the intersection of comfort, design and craftsmanship: there’s an ingenious system of individually metered ‘pods’ for under your mattress that provide support in-sync with each part of your body.  It’s at the back of the store in a sequestered spot perfect for the quiet conversation necessary to personalized the system.

CJ Dellatore Sleep Studio 1


In summing the store up I admit I was tempted to include product shots in this post, but I haven’t for 2 reasons.  First, the website, with links to most of the products, is marvelously organized and easy to navigate. And second, the visual refinements and tactile experiences at the store, I believe, can only truly be appreciated in person.  I suggest you go see for yourself.


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Written by CJ Dellatore