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The Modern Master of Plaster Shares His Creative Process

Stephen Antonson CJ Dellatore


Plaster in the decorative arts was made popular in the early 20th century, when the likes of Serge Roche, Jean Michel Frank, and the Giacometti’s began to produce a number of functional home furnishings with the material for their patrons.  The elastic quality and sculptural effects produced by plaster are tactile and artful.

On an ongoing quest to see what modern-day craftsmen are up to, CJ Dellatore and I headed out to the wilds of downtown Brooklyn (where there is no shortage of creativity these days) to visit with plaster artisan Stephen Antonson.  I first became enamored of Stephen’s pieces when I saw them in the Dessin Fournir showroom in Manhattan months ago, and wanted to learn about his creative process, and learn how he manufactures his creations.

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