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You Oughta Be In Pictures

the commissioned portrait, the ultimate luxury

Sargent-Lady-Agnew-of-Lochnaw-1893 ‘Lady Agnew of Locknaw’ by John Singer Sargent


I was invited to the press events at the D&D Building’s Fall Market last year, to see the new products each showroom had to offer, and to hear lectures from members of our community.  Michael Boodro, the Editor of Elle Decor, gave a presentation about what the interior designers, polled by his magazine, considered to be the best and most sought after luxury products and services this year.

A month later, I was invited to the press preview of Holiday House, Iris Danker’s annual Breast Cancer Research fundraiser.  Just inside the vestibule of the house was a grand scale portrait of Evelyn Lauder, that together with Mr. Boodro’s discussion, sparked the idea for this post.  What, for this Blog Editor, is the ULTIMATE luxury an interior designer can help his or her client acquire?  A commissioned portrait.

Several weeks ago I was introduced to world-renowned portrait painter Sacha Newley (son of actors Joan Collins and Anthony Newley) by our Design Editor Carl Lana.   Last week Mr. Newley graciously agreed to meet me for lunch, to talk about the process of capturing a person on canvas.  What follows is an excerpt of our spirited conversation, as well as a GREAT list of resources for locating artists.

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African Art: Contributions to Art & Culture

masks, fetishes, and tribal symbolism


Photo Credit Charles Sheeler 1919


The appeal of collecting African Art is not a contemporary phenomenon.  Colonialists were attracted to tribal art as trophies and for their ethnological interest.  As far back as the 15th century, individuals were known to collect these mysterious fetishes and ceremonial objects to satisfy their curiosities.

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Gary Moran

dogs, fish, and a reluctant piano

“Large Sunfish”  54″ x 40″.  Pastel on paper  (4 panels)


Ask any interior designer worth his or her salt, and they’ll agree.  Art is an accessory – and arguably the most important one they assist their clients in procuring.  Some go as far as to say that it’s the most difficult acquisition they assist with because it often represent a substantial financial commitment, and because art in the popular psyche is seen as an investment which will remain with a client for a lifetime (and beyond.)

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