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Design: ABYU Lighting

The Latest Feathered Fixtures from Steven Wine




We’ve all heard the axiom ‘there’s nothing new in design, it’s all just elements arranged and viewed differently.’  I would say I’m inclined to agree 98% of the time.

But every now and then you come across an alchemist who squarely fits into the 2% category of designers who truly create something utterly and completely new.

When I met Steven Wine, the creative genius behind ABYU Lighting, 20 odd years ago while he was working at the Heller Gallery I knew he would become one of those characters – his completely irreverent and quintessentially zany world perspective positioned him for uniqueness.  From his first recycled detergent bottle lamps to his latest plumed light fixtures his witty personality is omnipresently evident.

I visited his atelier last week with our design editor Carl Lana, and had a first hand look at 3 of his latest creations.

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Master Class: Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Balancing masculine architecture & feminine decor in Venice Beach

12_EDITBenjamin Noriega-Ortiz


Last week my long time friend Steven Wine, the genius behind the feathered fixtures at ABYU Lighting (who just happens to be Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz’s partner) sent me a message on Facebook about a home Noriega-Ortiz designed and decorated in Venice Beach, California.

The house is a mix of modern minimalist architecture and diaphanous, ethereal decoration.  When it was completed, BNO Design began shopping the story around to the mainstream shelter magazines, but the project was deemed ‘too feminine’ for publication.  I was, of course, intrigued.

I decided to contact Benjamin to chat about the home.  He invited me to coffee at his Soho atelier to talk about it.  During our meeting he generously explained his design process for the home, room by room.  It was a fascinating opportunity to learn about his work, and a great chance to publish the project here on the blog.

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