Pinterest Picks – August 2013

Monthly design inspiration from some of my influencers

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As I spend more time cultivating my own Pinterest boards, I keep being made aware of other great inspirational boards by other creatives.  It seems to be a limitless bounty of images and references.

My eye is happily focused on discovering new images and pinners.  It is certainly my new favorite obsession.  If I didn’t have to work, I would spend most of my days working on my own boards.

There seems to be mixed opinions on the merits of the Pinterest platform, but if you’re a creative soul with a need for visual stimulation, I see no better place to be.  This post features three amazing pinners, two of them you will know immediately – and the last is most intriguing, as I have yet to find out who is actually responsible for the content.

As I take my journey through the many boards and pinners, I first look for great designers.  It is still an enigma to me that more of you aren’t active in this.  Maybe my posts will motivate you to get involved.


First up this month is the incomparably talented Robert Couturier.  His boards are some of the most exhilarating and magnificent I have found – and why not?  His contribution to the field of interior design is immense and his work excels in quality, style, and personality.  Each project is unique and full of wonderment.

This first board is titled “Just Beautiful” and the selections are diverse, and all meaningful to him and his perspective.


Couturier’s next board “Love” captures his affection for 18th century French style with a few curve balls thrown to keep you guessing.


The last that I am showing you is his “Cool” board, which I think speaks for itself and reveals Couturier’s other side.

CJ Dellatore Robert Couturier Pinterest Boards



Robert Passal Interiors is another fascinating series of boards for you to discover.  Robert gladly shares his work through project boards – making the experience both inspirational and informative.  He has basically used the platform to present his portfolio of work, which is a brilliant concept for any designer.

The first of Robert’s boards which I have picked is somewhat off-the-track, and very appealing.  “Easter Bonnets” tells us so much about his sense of color and texture.  I especially like this type of board – makes you think.


10 Things I Love July 2013” has current additions into Robert’s overall sense of style.  All are simply put – Chic.

CJ Dellatore Robert Passal Pinterest Board

My last Robert Passal board is called “Exclusive Design” where his fascination with shape and form, surrealism and fantasy play out before you.

CJ Dellatore Robert Passal Pinterest Boards



I have chosen to close with this very artistic pinner Hapi Art And Pattern.  Let’s explore this one together.  For an art director and artist this person is a must-see.

The first board that caught my eye is “Nature“.  There is nothing more splendid and remarkable from which to be inspired.


Fiber” is Hapi Art’s board that will appeal to the designer who is into textiles.

CJ Dellatore Hapi Art Pinterest Boards

Kate Keara Pelen for Liberty of London

Sketch” brings us to the closing of this post, and represents the preliminary stages of creativity.

CJ Dellatore Hapi Art Pinterest Board Sketch

Artist Jose Lerma


Well, I hope that you enjoyed this post.  Pinterest never ceases to amaze and bewitch me.  The plethora of substantive reference material is boundless – just like your own imaginations.

Remember to keep pinning, because I keep looking!


Written by Carl Lana