Mary Douglas Drysdale for American Standard

New Luxury Bathroom Fixtures Styled by one of the Beltway's Best



Yesterday American Standard upped their game by adding a new line of luxury bathroom fixtures called the DXV Collection.

To showcase the new products they enlisted 6 notable design professionals to create rooms around them, including great friend-to-this-blog Mary Douglas Drysdale.

We chatted yesterday, and she shared some of the shots of the incredibly glamorous bath she styled, and told me a bit about the project….



“To a very large extent, the client should always be given credit for the successful outcome of a project as it is their skill in design comprehension, willingness to work through difficulties, and desire for excellence, on the most fundamental level, that defines a project.

American Standard was terrific to work with; they allowed me to explore and define a basic design plan which reflects my vision of luxury, taste and programming of space.  They were consistently wonderfully receptive and supportive. The shapes and finishes developed by American Standard for this new high-end  DXV line are a great foundation for the design of any style of bathroom.”


Mary Douglas Drysdale CJ Dellatore American Standard 3


Mary’s classical approach to interior architecture and design is so very well represented in this beautiful room, I wanted to know a bit of the details behind it….


“The room is based on a classical plan built around a beautifully silhouetted white soaking tub.  The viewing of the tub, which is placed in front of a room sized mirror, is intended to express glamour and bounce the natural light shining in from the nearby French doors.

On the architecturally mirrored wall is also a starburst mirror, which is centered over the tub and adds glamour and emphasis, to the bathing area. The mirror was selected in silver leaf to blend with the nickel finished American Standard fixtures which I selected to outfit this bathroom suite.

The pure white Greek Thassos marble was the foundation choice I made in terms of finish and color for all architectural surfaces and fixtures.  The ceiling height was set at 10 feet to give a sense of grand dimension and the walls were outfitted with custom wood panels, painted in varying shades of white. I designed the custom vanities to have counters in a synthetic white stone (similar to Thassos) providing a base for round vessel, above counter sinks. A recessed panel of penny round Thassos tile forms the backsplash for vanity and sink.

Access to the shower and water closet is on axis with the French doors and is framed by architectural trim and panels. The over sized shower includes a 4 foot bench which can also be used for sitting while bathing or for shampoo and soaps. The shower interior was fabricated from synthetic white stone and is also paneled in an elegant extension of the panel idea in the bath area. The water closet area is also library. As a bathroom designer, I have been asked a hundred times, where the magazines and reading materials would be stored. This bathroom offers a small wall of storage which could be used for books.

The addition of art in this room is the touch which says, the luxury bathroom of today is a place of personal expression and graceful living. What I think of when designing a bath is to create useful beauty. That was my goal in making this bathroom for American Standard.”

Mary Douglas Drysdale CJ Dellatore American Standard 4

Mary Douglas Drysdale CJ Dellatore American Standard 5

I’m not sure about you, but I can certainly imagine myself in this bathroom!  Bravo Mary!