Southern Gentleman

John Lyle Design's "Marc" Console



Back in the spring of 1979 as a freshman in Art School in rural Pennsylvania, I took a course in 3D design with a woman named Rosemarie Sloat.  She was a painter at heart, but had a deep and disciplined understanding of form.  Ms. Sloat taught me that all 3 dimensional objects were made of 5 basic shapes – sphere, cone, pyramid, cube and cylinder – either alone or as the intersecting elements of a larger mass.  Successful 3D design she further professed concerned itself with the mastery of balance, proportion and rhythm between these forms.  It was an amazing class.  I learned the underpinning of my design philosophy.    As an art student today, one would hope to have someone who could teach the same ideas, from a place of equal understanding, someone like John Lyle.

I met John 20+ years ago in NYC as young(er!) designers, happily his career continues to evolve skyward.  His collection of home furnishings, John Lyle Design, includes seating, lighting, tables and accessories.  From a spacious workspace in Long Island City, John puts his clear understanding to work as an inspired alchemist of shape.  The “Marc” console is one of the many pieces that I absolutely love.  Shagreen (cut into cone shapes) is pieced together to form a demi-lune (half sphere) top, which is boxed (cubed) on top of tapered (inverted pyramid) legs.  Eco-friendly cow bone punctuates the edges of the finished table beautifully.  And here’s something that I find compelling for someone as talented as John.., he’s modest and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the design community.  No design diva here; custom sizes, different finishes, one of a kind options are all available and encouraged.  Visit the website for more information and to see his collection, available in showrooms nationwide.  BRAVO John!