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At The Newstand………………………………….

Welcome to my new monthly post, on what’s caught my eye in the magazines.  For years I have scoured through as many magazines as I was able, looking for inspiring interiors, great products, and whatever else garnered my attention.  Starting this month, I will take a look at what I think is noteworthy, and pass it on to you.  I will be looking for new and innovative decorative products, along with some of my favorite furnishings.   With each piece that I identify, I will provide three valuable resources.

My goal is to help you locate these ‘featured’ items and shorten the search for them.  So let’s delve into this new post together and see what I have come up with.

C&GACMy first find is from the current issue of NYC&G, from the story of designer Ophelia Weiss‘ own SoHo loft.   What I focused on is the clean lined coffee table, constructed of polished chrome “U” shaped legs, and a slab parchment top.  This particular table came from Flair Home Collection NYC. I love simple functional coffee tables that appear to float in space and not make an overt statement, but act as a canvas for the objects that are placed upon it.

C&G metal tableIf you’re looking for other coffee table’s in this genre, I recommend the Marhaba Cocktail Table from John Boone (you’ll need to register to see it on the JB website), the Cee Table from Niedermaier, or the Anvil Cocktail Table from Holly Hunt.


As I like to seek out less recognizable publications for their distinctive perspectives, I found one of my all time favorite lighting fixtures, the Sputnik chandelier, featured in Interiors Magazine‘s Dec/Jan 2013 issue, in a Vicente Wolf interior.

Interior Design CoverThe Sputnik is, for me, a time honored mid 20th century classic, which I have gone ape for ever since I first discovered the elaborate crystal festooned versions found at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.  This vintage brass fixture that Wolf used is from Venfield.

Vicente WolfThere are many resources for Sputnik fixtures, but I’m fond of the Stella from Modulighter, or the Satellite Chandelier from DWR1st dibs also has an ongoing selection on a direct link to Sputniks.


In the January 2013 issue of Elle Decoration UK, I spotted a feature about two Italian designers, who from the world of advertising, shared a passion for recycled furniture.  They formed a unique design company, Secondalinea, based on their joint interests.  Within the charming atelier/salon, my eye zeroed in on a Moroccan rug from Battilossi in Italy.

Elle Decoration UKOne of most endearing of ethnic rugs is the Moroccan rural.  I derive great pleasure from having the opportunity to place either the simple natural and black geometric examples, or the riotously vibrant colorful ones.  Each is a genuine work of art and has a definite link to the culture and heritage of the people who weave them.

Morrocan RugsWhen I’m searching for a Moroccan rural rug, I’m apt to look through the offerings at Rugs NYC, check out what’s current at Doris Leslie Blau, or trek West on 25th Street to Jan Kath and the Morac Blanc Collection (make the trip, the website is challenging at best, and the rugs are sublime.)


I have always admired the British publications for their unique point of view and élan.  My next find is from House & Garden UK and interior designer Louise Jones, who has created a sublimely opulent flat for an American fashion executive.

H&G England coverIn this article’s lead image, I want to point to a pair of delicate antique mirrors which came from Augustus Brandt Antiques is Sussex, England.  I have a strong fondness for mirrors in interiors.  To me they are windows into the rooms in which they hang.  There is a special connection when one looks into a spectacular mirror – itself a work of art – and can capture over one’s shoulder the tableau reflected within it.  I especially like to use pairs over vast sheets of plate mirror since it adds lightness and finesse.

H&G England Mirrors2Finding a great antique mirror can be an adventure, I found a beautiful one at Newel while writing this post.  They’re a great resource.  If you’re looking for a good reproduction, I recommend Mirror Fair on 3rd Avenue.  Their #7520 Wakefield Mirror is wonderful.  And finally, for a decidedly modern interpretation, check out the Thomas Mirror from INOX (which is actually polished stainless steel.)


The final entry for this post is from one of the leaders in the shelter magazine world, Elle Decor, and their Jan/Feb 2013 issue.  I have devoured each issue of this magazine for many years, and have always come away with so much I have been inspired by.

ELLE DECOR Cover - Jan-Feb '13In this special edition of the magazine, Moooi co-founder Casper Vissers’ home in the Netherlands features one of my humble longtime companions, the understated industrial style task chair.  So many models have been designed to look and feel cozy, yet fall short in my view.  I prefer the humble, clean, and sculptural versions designed more for their function than for their stylistic suitability.

ELLE DECOR JanFeb '13 - BredaI have my favorites when it comes to task chairs.  The BALT Task Chair from Grainger is very nice looking, the Nine-0 Swivel Armchair from DWR comes in great colors, and the Navy Upholstered Swivel Armchair from Emeco (originally produced in 1944 for submarine use) is both masculine and retro.


 I hope that you enjoyed my journey through this month’s magazines in search of timeless and suitable finds.  Perhaps you have your own resource for one of the products featured in this post that you would like to share in the comments below!


Written by Carl Lana